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What's New With Facebook: Video Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Dynamic Feeds

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What's New With Facebook: Video Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Dynamic Feeds

Red Shark Digital

Facebook changes as much as we do. It seems that every week Facebook is rolling out a new form of advertising. Red Shark Digital can help you keep up!

Facebook has launched several new features this month.  Through Facebook, you can now promote display ads through video carousel, slideshow, dynamic feed, and Collections options. Instead of one still image, display your products and services in action or with a slider. Select one or more of these options and bring your business to life!

Facebook Video Carousel Ads

First, take advantage of using creative Facebook video carousel ads. Keep in mind, videos are the most engaging type of ad out there for Facebook news feeds. Amp up the regular still images carousel format with multiple videos. Carousel use is increasing rapidly and when you add video to the mix, you just bring your marketing to its full potential.

Video allows for sight, sound, and action in your shots. You can add up to 10 photos and videos for each video carousel. Then, select which five you want to appear in the carousel or select for Facebook to choose which 5 will be used to optimize which ads will appear. Otherwise, Facebook will choose the first 5 photos or videos to display on the carousel. Each photo or video includes a link you can click. The link will send you to the indicated landing page. Formulate a headline and a call to action for each.

ideoFacebook Carousel Ads

Incorporating Facebook video carousel ads is sure to improve the branding of your business as well as reach your marketing objectives. You can measure many different objectives, including the following: website clicks, website conversions, app installations, app engagement, and video views. This strategic choice is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Slideshow Ads

Secondly, Facebook features newly launched slideshow ads. Just launching, these ads are a great way to give your viewers a chance to interact and see multiple products and services on one scroll-through. So, captivate your audience with intriguing high-quality photos and videos. You can avoid video production costs and time wasted filming. Showcase what your business offers with slideshows. Create quick videos and put your new products front and center as new inventory rolls out.

To add relevance, highlight your business on large scale benefits or product specific advantages. Each slide in the show can site a different topic. Facebook Business recommends focusing on one benefit at a time to display. Select the photo or video that will show the most value. Their tip is to clearly communicate value.

If you are going to display your products in the slideshow, variate each photo with multiple styles of the product or do different products for each to show a broader range of categories. You can even choose music to automatically play when the slideshow is scrolled through. Facebook offers many free options or you can choose from your own stored music library.

Slideshows are also great for step by step guides and how-to tutorials. Show how to work a device you sell using the slideshow option. Or demonstrate how your business works if you offer services.

Business stories can also be told through Facebook slideshows. Add photos, videos, and short text to show how your business is unique from the competition. Short copy gets more attention, states a point, and keeps the focus on your photo. The photo should be able to speak for itself. Brand your business by adding a slide with your logo or storefront displayed! Make it personalized and tailored to your business.

Facebook Dynamic Feeds

Dynamic product ads on Facebook let you personalize Facebook ads without the manual work. Save time remarketing your products with this great option. Set


up is only required once and from then on, your products will be automatically promoted on Facebook. You can retarget people that have visited your website and shown an interest or added products to their shopping cart and then left your page. They can be retargeted once they are active on Facebook.

When setting up your dynamic Facebook ads, just upload your product catalog and create your campaign. Pricing and availability will be up to date without your maintenance. If your website is through Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, you can integrate your Facebook dynamic ads with one of these e-commerce platforms.

Facebook dynamic ads are neat because they reach more shoppers. When people search online, information is collected and Facebook can show them your products if they match that person’s interests, whether they even visited your site. If they did visit, they may be retargeted with similar products. If they didn’t purchase the items in their shopping cart on your site and left before the transaction, they will be retargeted to go back to the site to complete the transaction. Their items have not been lost! If a shopper was originally shopping on your website from their desktop, Facebook dynamic ads can still reach them once they are now online on their mobile device.

Jess Jacobs, Wayfair’s Director of Marketing, talks about the advantages of Facebook dynamic ads for retargeting. She says, “This enhancement makes dynamic ads a lightweight and effective solution for acquiring new customers. We can automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from our catalog of more than 7 million products.”


Drive sales using Facebook’s new ad format, Collections. Now, Facebook delivers more visuals for this format. Showcase your products on mobile with up to 4 product images to a video ad. In just one ad, tell a story and showcase several relevant products.  Just make sure your products complement each other and let your featured photo or video tell a story that makes your brand stick out.

The shopping functionality is impeccable. As a viewer, click one of the Collection photos and you'll be routed quickly to a page that has loaded 50 products! The page is loaded and product clicks will bring users to your website. This is all hosted on Facebook! Right now, Facebook is measuring performance by outbound clicks.

facebook features collections

Adding video to Facebook Collections just makes sense. Video ads are powerful ad formats for Facebook. Tommy Hilfiger’s Chief Brand Officer, Avery Baker, mentioned that after adding Facebook Collections to their marketing strategy was a great choice. Bakey says that return on investment increased over 200%! Add Facebook Collections to your marketing mix and user engagement numbers will soar.

Take advantage of these new Facebook features. Giving your business the opportunity to share advertisements with ads that are not just still images allows for more interaction between the viewer and the ad. Furthermore, this adds more creativity to your business ads and keeps your social feed as relevant as possible to viewers.

Start Using These Facebook Features Today

Read our Facebook updates and call us today to discuss how your business can benefit from these new services.

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