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Mistakes of Facebook Advertising

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Mistakes of Facebook Advertising

Red Shark Digital

We hear a lot about Facebook ads as a digital advertising agency Raleigh NC. With its glowing reviews and many ways to target audiences, it would seem that Facebook ads are the main way people should be advertising online.

However, with all the glamour surrounding Facebook ads, there is also another consistent truth lurking in the shadows. While it is very possible to get great results on Facebook ads, many if not most companies fail to get the great results they had hoped.

In the mad temptation to get the show on the road, many businesses make pivotal mistakes in their campaigns to kill their results before they even start. This is one thing our digital advertising agency in Raleigh, NC seeks to help businesses get right in their advertising campaigns. In your desire to make the most of your Facebook ads, here are some of the main problems Red Shark Digital comes across.

Failure to Properly Test Ads

Facebook makes it very easy to get the ball rolling with your advertising campaign, however, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle that can be hard to master. Figuring out your strategy, messaging, and targeting can take a lot of work.

The only way to know for sure what does work and what does not is to test all the variables in your campaign. It is a bit more work, but Facebook allows you to split test different aspects of your ads.

The tempting thing to do is to set your campaign up with some educated guesswork and dangerously assume Facebook’s algorithms will bring in the sales. After they’re raking in the cash, they then test their campaign to make their results even better.

In this series of unfortunate events, most of the time it rarely works out. Numbers don’t lie. The only effective way to advertise on Facebook is the result of deliberate, calculated, strategic testing. To truly get the most from your Facebook ads, you must test before, during, and after your campaign.

Small Audience Targeting

Facebook allows you to target people in extreme detail. Looking to target females ages 25-34, who like ballet, then you can target them in ads to your heart's desire.

The problem, however, is that people get on Facebook for specific reasons and those reasons are to look up your product. Facebook for business is meant to be an awareness-generating platform. When you target too specifically, you are lowering the number of people aware.

While you should not be targeting too broadly, typically somewhere in the 5-10 million reach is the sweet spot for numbers you should be targeting.

Short-Term Result Focus

As we just realized in the second section, Facebook is not the place to be too focused in your marketing. As a social media platform, people tend to get on Facebook to… socialize, not to buy your product.

As you are planning your campaign, it is a safe assumption that no one is looking for your ad on Facebook, and when they do come across it they will probably not click and purchase the first time they see it. It is about starting an experience. They are walking into your storefront online, and they are paying attention to what is there and what isn’t there; it will take time to become a committed customer.

With this ammo in your holster, you will want to target your audience where they are. Don’t be pushy. Create variety in your ads to build your reputation and start building a relationship.

Facebook ads appear to be the simplest thing since sliced bread, but in reality, it’s not quite that simple. Deliberate moves are the key to creating campaigns and ads that are truly effective. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. As a digital advertising agency Raleigh, NC and Greenville, NC, we get a lot of questions about Facebook ads, and while there can be a lot of mystery, we know that with the right strategy you can be well on your way to some effective digital marketing.

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