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An Introduction to Google Search Console APIs

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

An Introduction to Google Search Console APIs

Erin Porter

When you hear API outside of software development, you probably think they’re talking about a beer (for those of you asking, it's actually IPA). However, API stands for Application Programming Interface. Most people compare API closely with the remote server. Rather, it is the part of the server that receives requests and sends responses. In fact, in the last 16 months, Google has developed Search Console APIs.

What Are The Search Console APIs?

Search Console via Google is a free service that allows you to monitor your site’s performances in Google Search. It also allows you to ensure that Google can crawl your site or application correctly, and to test the validity and performance of a given page. Search Console provides programmatic access to the service through the APIs documented here.

List Of Google Search Console APIs

Google Search Console APIs have been designed and developed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Query your search analytics data
  • Manage sitemaps
  • See crawl errors

APIs Serves Google Searchers

At some point or another largest companies, including Google, have built APIs for their customers or internal use. For example, if your small business’ website has a form used to sign clients up for appointments, you would want to give your clients the ability to automatically create a Google calendar event with the details for that appointment. When it comes to API, the idea is to have your website’s server talk directly to Google’s server with a request to create an event with the given details. Your server would then receive Google’s response, process it, and send back relevant information to the browser, such as a confirmation message to the user.

From a user’s perspective, APIs allow them to complete an action without leaving a site. For more information on APIs, head on over to Red Shark Digital’s website and check out our blog to better understand other confusing tech jargon! Be on the lookout for future blogs diving deeper into Search Console's API!

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