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Instagram In-App Purchases

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Instagram In-App Purchases

Red Shark Digital

Instagram has become a primary marketing tool for businesses to advertise their products. Instagram is rolling out an in-app checkout feature for a limited amount of brands, including Adidas, Burberry, Dior, and MAC Cosmetics. This feature will make it possible for users to make purchases without ever leaving the app.

In-App Checkout

With this launch of an in-app checkout feature, Instagram is making its platform even more e-commerce friendly. The new feature will display a “Checkout on Instagram” button whenever a user comes across a product tag on an image. Rather than being redirected to the company’s website and taking a long journey to the checkout page, users will be able to purchase products right then and there on Instagram. Instagram Shopping will allow the app to deliver a content-rich experience for shopping users.

Number of Users

Instagram reported that the number of users that tap on product tags in the app every months has grown from 90 million to 130 million since September. This new checkout feature will also be made available to more brands over the coming months. Instagram already does great things to benefit business accounts across their platform. Business profiles have access to both in-depth analytics as well as additional contact and location information for people to contact your business. Exclusive access to these tools and features will help your business create a presence across Instagram. Business profiles also have the option to advertise on Instagram, including photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. These ads support video views, click thrus to your website, mobile app installations, and mass awareness. Here are some things we are hoping Instagram will include in the future:

  • Checkout feature for small businesses
  • In-app “subscribe” buttons to subscribe to blogs/website
  • In-app checkout feature through Instagram Stories
  • Branded content ads to turn influencer content into advertisements

Visit MarTech's site for additional information regarding the Instagram in-app checkout update.

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