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Incorporating a Video Strategy for Your Local Business

November 12, 2021
January 3, 2024

Incorporating a Video Strategy for Your Local Business

Red Shark Digital

In today's day and age, more people are streaming video than ever before. I mean why read an article when you could watch it, am I right? According to MediaKix, 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched daily. As a local business, you should capitalize on this trend and start marketing your business with engaging film. Today we are going to discuss how you can incorporate a unique video strategy for your local business.

In The Moment

Customers love to learn about new products, specials, and features. With Facebook Live and Stories, you can create real-time engagement without a planned video shoot. Have a new shipment of clothes for your boutique? Featuring a special drink at your restaurant for happy hour? Maybe you want to give viewers a special discount code? These short video clips can help you add a more personal touch to your social strategy and connect with users without the long hours of filming and editing.

Start Accumulating Content

Not only should you feature your own content, but encourage your customers to create content for you. Have customers send in videos of them using your products, film customer testimonials, film literally EVERYTHING. Once you've started accumulating content you can then transform your content into longer edited videos using a free video editor easily. Say you have a few embarrassing outtakes from a video shoot, combine them into a friendly blooper reel to showcase your personality. Create product demonstrations, Try-On sessions, live weekly questionnaires. The more you post, the more users will be encouraged to freely ask questions and engage.

Behind The Scenes

Working for a small business is more than just a job, it's often a fun and family-like environment. Showcasing your employees and your office shenanigans is a great way to give insight into your daily work life. It also gives you a chance to put faces behind your services and build community relationships. At Red Shark, we created a Meet the Team video to introduce a few of our employees.

Local Events

Since you are indeed a local business, show off a little community involvement. Does your company host any special events? Do you participate in any fundraising efforts? Showcasing your involvement can not only build a positive reputation but get the word out about any local events, as well as local charities.

We hope we've given you enough tips to kick off your video marketing strategy. For more help with social media and video production, contact Red Shark Digital today! Our talented creative team can help you create the perfect video strategy today! Visit our News page for additional videography resources.

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