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How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel for Your Small Business

November 12, 2021
February 27, 2024

How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel for Your Small Business

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YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Nearly a third of all traffic on the internet goes to YouTube on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The vast amount of traffic and users make YouTube an important channel for every small business or NC marketing agency to be present on. However, only 9% of small businesses have a YouTube channel. Having a channel and promoting your videos on YouTube will add huge amounts of traffic to your site. But having a channel is only the first step. You also need to know how to grow your channel.

Think of YouTube as a Social Network

Several people think of YouTube only as a video-sharing site. But, in reality, YouTube is much more than that. It's a search engine, video-sharing platform, as well as a social network where people can like and comment on your videos.You should always respond to comments or questions people leave on your videos. People are social, so they want to connect with you as a brand and feel involved. If they ask questions and leave comments, make sure to answer them back. It is a great idea to interact with your subscribers and viewers in order to grow your YouTube channel, grow its fan base, and acquire brand ambassadors.

Decide What Your Channel is All About

Identify the kind of content that you want your channel to be known for before you begin creating videos for it. Would you like to create videos that entertain your viewers, educate them, highlight important issues, or highlight important events?

Edit Your Videos Carefully

YouTubers often use a jump cut technique to make their videos more clean and concise. You can make your videos more palatable by removing "ums," "likes," and other unnecessary bits and pieces.Unfortunately, though, it’s easy to go nuts with jump cuts and end up with a choppy video that’s even less pleasant to watch than the original.Make sure that your NC marketing agency doesn't give somebody motion sickness by doing a bunch of close shots, black and white fades, and other crazy animations that can dilute your message. Keep your videos simple and professional, and keep editing to a minimum, as overediting can do more harm than a few "ums" or "likes.” Keep your videos simple and professional, and keep editing to a minimum, as over-editing can do more harm than a few "ums" or "likes”. You can also make YouTube shorts for your YouTube channel, providing quick information about your small business. YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos created on YouTube, aimed at mobile viewers for quick, engaging content consumption.

Drive Engagement

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is not only a video platform, but it's also a social network. And, like any social network, you don’t want to treat it like a one-way channel. Engage your viewers by featuring them in your videos and encouraging them to like, comment, and subscribe. Cards and end screens can do just that.You can extend the average watch time on your channel with end screens that appear at the end of your video. Engage viewers with end screens by suggesting additional videos, promoting other channels, or providing links to approved websites.

Share Your Videos | NC Marketing Agency

The great thing about videos is that they can be used in a variety of ways. Videos should be included on your website, in your blog, and on social media profiles. Your NC marketing agency can start driving views and engagement to your videos this way.Lastly, if you have an ad budget, consider promoting your videos on YouTube as well as other popular platforms. In addition to targeting specific audiences, YouTube advertising allows you to retarget people who have already visited your site or interacted with your ads.YouTube is highly popular and underutilized by small businesses, making it a powerful channel to market and grow your business and NC marketing agency.

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