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How Long-Form and Short-Form Content Drive SEO Greenville NC

January 18, 2022
May 1, 2023

How Long-Form and Short-Form Content Drive SEO Greenville NC

Erin Porter

 If you’ve begun to grow your knowledge on search engine optimization (SEO), then you may have uncovered the two main branches of blog writing: short-form content and long-form content. Both play an integral role in SEO and offer different benefits to boost your Google sites SEO ranking. With this distinction made, you may be wondering what the different benefits are to short-form and long-form content writing. Today, the SEO Greenville NC leaders are going to share with you the differences and benefits of both short-form and long-form content, as well as how they are beneficial to your SERP ranking. Ready to learn more? Keep scrolling!

Short-Form Content

Short-form content encompasses any blog that is under 1,000 words. Short-term content typically spans from 350-500 words and is designed to quickly attract new readers by using relevant keywords. SEO Greenville NC experts recommend utilizing our services to help you curate relevant keywords for your blogs that are competitive within your market.

Benefits to Short-Form Content

Because of the pace that our world now constantly lives in, it’s highly unlikely that a longer piece will keep a brand new reader. Short content is a great way to expose a new reader to your brand without losing their interest. Another reason in which short-form content is so important is because of the regularity that you’ll need to be posting for SEO to work. At our organic search engine optimization service, we recommend posting weekly to see your online presence expand. Because of this, it is much easier to write shorter content to push out regularly rather than spending more time on one piece.

Long-Form Content

Long-form content is any piece of writing that is over 1,000 words. Depending on the topic, it is not uncommon that you may exceed this word count. Long-form content requires more time to be dedicated to research, information gathering, and the development of writing skills. Long-form writing is an investment for both the business and the reader, as you will have to dedicate more time towards completing the polished blog and the reader will need to dedicate more time to finish the blog.  While this is true, SEO Greenville NC experts believe that there are plentiful benefits to writing long-form content. Below are some of the top reasons why long-form content is beneficial to Google sites SEO.

Benefits to Long-Form Content

The Google algorithm trends towards favoring content with a higher word count, especially if there are plenty of relevant keywords throughout the blog. SEO Greenville NC experts have ample sources to help boost your website to the top of the SERP. Another benefit to long-form content is that you may attract more organic impressions. With organic SEO, the reader searches a topic utilizing your relevant keyword and clicks on your site without the use of paid advertisement. Our organic search engine optimization service believes that with long-form content, they may have conducted a detailed search regarding your blog topic and have now found a highly useful source that they were seeking. If they like your long-form blog, they’ll remember your source and return for more useful content that they’re interested in!

Red Shark Digital | SEO Greenville NC

At Red Shark Digital, our digital marketing team will develop a content strategy to help you boost your rank on the SERP. With the use of updated SEO strategy, marketing knowledge, and competitive market research, Red Shark Digital will help you launch your online presence. For more information regarding our SEO Greenville NC strategies, visit our website or contact us today.

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