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Hate The Snapchat Update? Well, Me Too.

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Hate The Snapchat Update? Well, Me Too.

Abby Costello

Today while minding my own business, I went to check my Snapchat only to notice that it had recently been updated. Apparently the newest update has only been rolled out in the UK, Australia, and Canada, but unfortunately for me (a nobody in Eastern NC) got it too. I don’t quite understand how I became so unlucky, but here are some things you need to know if you fall victim to the new update.

In the past (aka the good old days) to access your friends' stories you would have to swipe left on the camera screen. The new update changes this, now all your friends' Stories, Snaps, and messages are located on the Friends screen. To watch a friends Story you have not yet viewed, you will see a circular preview bubble next to their name, to watch the Story all you have to do is tap the bubble (just like in the old update). After you watch one friend's Story, you will see a preview of another friend's Story, and you can either tap the screen to watch it, swipe up to skip or swipe down to exit. Pretty easy right? Well, you're wrong.

Snapchat Story Redesign

Stories are no longer ordered chronologically (aka everything is just mixed together). The Friends screen instead ranks your friends based on who you keep in touch with the most and who’s contacted you the most recently. Meaning, the easiest way to find new Stories from anyone that doesn’t qualify as a “top friend” is to type their name into the search bar (which I guess is good for anyone that wants to avoid seeing their ex’s Snap Story but is too petty to delete them).

How you send Snaps has also changed with the new update as well. The eight people you interact with the most sit front and center, and at the right are the options to add a new Story to My Story, Our Story or Group Stories.  In addition, to manage your own Stories you now have to tap the upper-left hand corner of the main camera screen.

And I bet you are wondering what happens when you swipe left on your main screen. Well let me tell you, it’s only to access the Discover screen. Don’t get me wrong I love watching some of the Discover Stories but I definitely did not need a whole screen dedicated to it nor did I need everything mixed together on one page just so this could get its own page.

Overall, the new update is making a lot of people angry and Snapchats big redesign has probably not gone the way they planned (83% of App store reviews for the new update are negative with only one or two stars). I honestly feel for everyone in the UK, Australia, and Canada, and if your like little ol’ me in the United States that somehow got it as well, I feel for you too.  The new update is slowly being rolled out to all users and you can expect it to hit your device any day now. Let us know in the comments if you've gotten the redesign yet!

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