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What is Google’s 3 Pack

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What is Google’s 3 Pack

Gaining a coveted first-page spot in organic results has always been a key focus in SEO. In Local SEO, Google’s new 3-Pack has local businesses fighting for the top three spots and getting their business noticed.

What Is It?

The 3-Pack is the top three results for a local search that have been grouped together at the top of the page in their own separate panel. These spots are highly sought after because it leads to more traffic and better SEO outcomes. Originally, the panel included up to seven results, but has now been changed and reformatted with changes to the algorithm that ranks local results. The new and improved 3-Pack as seen below was built to be better optimized for mobile users.


Why It Matters

For the businesses that were ranking 4th through 7th, there’s a good chance your company will no longer be listed for certain search terms. This can cause fewer leads for your business and potentially generate less traffic. Users will have to click the “More Places” button in order to see a list of twenty other companies that resulted in the search.

How to get into the Google Local 3-Pack

Use of Online Directories:

With everyone fighting for the top spot, you need to ensure that online directories linking to your website are up to date with accurate information. Google places a heavy weight on ensuring information on local businesses is correct. If all of your information is consistent throughout multiple directories then Google will see your information as being trustworthy. Local listing sites such as the chamber of commerce or community bulletin boards can be extremely helpful for this as well.

Having Positive Google Reviews:

With the restructured 3-Pack, Google has removed phone numbers from desktop local searches leaving addresses and reviews to generate user interest. Having a high volume of positive reviews will help your business crack the top three. These reviews pull from local directory reviews such as Yelp and Google so it’s best to ensure a high rating across both sites.

Adding Hours of Operation:

Another feature to the new 3-Pack is the addition of your business’ working hours. You should ensure that this information is up to date on your Google My Business account, if not users can report the information as incorrect and damage your brand for the future.

Being Mobile Responsive:

Since Google is implementing changes to become more mobile-responsive it’s probably a good idea to do so too. The update to the algorithm is now pushing mobile-friendly websites to the top of the rankings. If your website has implemented a responsive design, your chances of getting in the top 3 are much higher.

While ranking in the top three local search has become harder, it is not impossible. By implementing changes towards a responsive design as well as taking extra measures to improve your Local SEO campaigns, you can become one step closer to securing a top spot. With the help of Red Shark Digital, we can help you build a personalized SEO campaign that will boost your rankings and help your business get noticed. Contact Red Shark Digital today and start your next successful campaign.

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