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Get Familiar with These Social Media Features in 2020

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Get Familiar with These Social Media Features in 2020

Abby Costello

2019 was a year of growth when it comes to social media and branding. All of the new capabilities we have seen throughout the past year were created to bring brands closer to their customers. Here are a few features and formats that you should get a closer look at in 2020:

Facebook Instant Experience Ads

These ads, formerly known as Canvas ads, are mobile-optimized and take over the full screen, loading instantly to capture the user’s full attention. Users are able to watch videos, view photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products in one single ad experience. That’s right, you can now fill your audience’s brains with useful information about your brand all in one place. Last year, Facebook added new metrics for INstant Experiences in Ads Manager, including Instant Experiences Click to Open, Instant Experiences Clicks to Start, and Instant Experiences Outbound Clicks.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram makes impulse shopping (at least for me) way easier with shoppable posts. The Checkout feature was first debuted in March 2019, allowing users to complete purchases directly from their feed or Story content without ever exiting the app. Businesses can tag up to five products per image, or twenty products per carousel. The tags contain product details and pricing, allowing brands the ability to advertise their products in a more creative way on their Instagram feed. Create a Facebook Shop account to link to Instagram in order to begin creating shoppable posts and get creative with showcasing your products.

Twitter Revives Lists

The Lists feature on Twitter got quite the facelift in 2019 with a new look, the option to follow specific topics, and the addition of a shortcut tab on the mobile app. The platform plans to continue improving this feature in 2020. The revamped feature allows marketers to build a curated feed of content from specific topics. Brands can use the feature to check up on competitors, stay up-to-date on trends, and build conversations.

In 2020, we can look forward to the continuing improvements of all the social media platforms we know and love. With social media constantly changing, evolving, transforming, improving, etc., it is important to keep up with the pace and adjust your strategies to mesh well with the world of possibilities ahead. If you need assistance with social media marketing in Raleigh, NC, don't hesitate to contact Red Shark Digital.

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