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Facebook Video: What's New?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Facebook Video: What's New?

Red Shark Digital

I constantly find myself referring to this era we are in as “The Golden Age of Content.” Just think of it. We are in an age where people are making a decent living creating videos and sharing content. Youtube has capitalized off of this movement, but its not the only player in the game. Facebook is another contender and has been making some moves with user experience and videos. Check out these tips to see how you can succeed with videos on Facebook.

Most Companies Are Not Actively Making Videos

By now its old news that companies are more successful when utilizing video on their social media. The interesting thing is that most companies are still not taking advantage of video. Don’t be like your competition.. blow them out of the water by curating content and making optimized videos!

Keep The Videos Short

It’s important to always keep in mind that folks scrolling through Facebook are looking for quick entertainment/news, so keep your videos to that length. You want to try and keep your videos to 30 seconds or less. Any longer and folks will become disengaged. Keep em’ short!

Make Viewers Click Your Video

If you’ve visited Facebook lately you should have noticed that a majority of the videos on your timeline have an autoplay feature. Facebook implemented this to promote more video engagement. Videos begin playing without audio, so create your videos with that in mind. Make sure you have eye-catching content especially in that first couple of seconds.

Master the Silent Video

To piggyback off of the last point, make sure that your videos are optimized for silence. Make sure the user knows what’s happening in your videos even if they can’t hear the audio. Create subtitles for your video, and make sure your narrative is visual.

Overall, Utilize Facebook

You may already be using Youtube as your outlet for showing off your content. Youtube is an awesome platform to use, however, don’t miss out on the opportunities that Facebook can give your company. There are a lot of potential viewers on Facebook, and the numbers are showing that just as many people are viewing videos on Facebook as Youtube. A good tactic to practice to try would use Facebook as a fun way to promote your content by sharing fun teaser videos leading the audience to view the full videos on Youtube. Being aware of these video trends on Facebook can help you optimize your content for the platform. Start curating your content and surpass your competition. As always, If you need help with content creation, contact Red Shark Digital today!

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