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Facebook Messenger Is Getting A Makeover

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Facebook Messenger Is Getting A Makeover

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Facebook is introducing its newest version of its messenger app, called Messenger 4. The messaging app is becoming more simplified, and focusing more on its “Discover” page. The page is giving its users a direct contact to brands and companies on the app.

What is Changing?

On the newest version of the Messenger app, there will be a reduced number of tabs, from nine down to three. Facebook wants to focus on the messaging part of the app. The tabs will include Chats, People and Discover. Chats will be the main page where users can connect and chat with friends. This tab has stayed the same but has now been updated with chat bubble color gradients, and will feature a camera. The People tab will include stories, find and search for friends, and view who is active on the app.

The Discover page is being used to connect businesses to Facebook users. Businesses can promote their latest deals, and users can directly message businesses through this page. The latest news and instant games will also be featured on the Discover page.

How Can it Affect My Business?

Facebook is an easy way for businesses to get connected with their consumers. Businesses have the choice of using a bot or an ad, and both are getting consumers attention. The simplified look of the messenger app is improving engagement rate, and businesses can now use Facebook as a constant source of ad revenue. Having the convenience of the messenger app is bringing consumers and businesses closer together. Many businesses have noticed an increase in Facebook Messenger use and have directed their marketing strategies in that direction. When consumers are able to directly message a company, they are getting a more personalized experience which can promote a better brand image and brand loyalty. Kelton Global conducted research in August of this year and found that most people stated that simplicity was what they looked for in a messaging app.

The new Facebook Messenger 4 will be available globally in just a few short weeks. Facebook is releasing it to give users time to adjust to the changes, and become familiar with the new layout. Although the tabs available on the app has been reduced, all the options on the current version of Messenger, such as polls and video chatting are still available.

The new version is improving the way consumers talk to businesses. By replacing email communication, consumers are able to reach businesses faster and on a more personal level.

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