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Face Filters, Rewind, and More: Instagram’s Newest Features

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Face Filters, Rewind, and More: Instagram’s Newest Features

Red Shark Digital

What do you know, Instagram is back at it again borrowing features from other social platforms! We all knew it was only a matter of time before Instagram took what some would call the most viral part of Snapchat. Face Filters.

Instagram has launched their own face altering filters that unsurprisingly like Snapchat’s iconic lenses. Instagram has introduced a bunny, crown, nerd, flower crown, just to name a few to their face filter options.

To use Instagram’s face filters, just tap on your face then try on one of the eight initial face filters that Instagram has launched. Some of the face filters even work with a friend, and you can even incorporate them into your Boomerang posts, adding an unexpected twist to your content! Just like Snapchat, you can use the filters and send them via Instagram Direct or add them to your story for all your followers to see.

Not only did Instagram just launch Face Filters today, but they also launched a few new camera tools such as Rewind! Rewind is just like Snapchat’s reverse feature you can use in their camera. So, go ahead and drop the mic and watch as it shoots up from the ground into your hand. Instagram also added the ability to include a hashtag in your stories and directs, via the use of a custom sticker that users can make.

Lastly, Instagram introduced a new brush for us to use while wasting our days away doodling on our images. Now there is an eraser brush, allowing users to create creative masterpieces with very little effort.

From the very first photo filter launched to Stories, it is evident that Instagram is gunning for that spot as the one-stop shop social media channel. Instagram taking Snapchat’s biggest seller makes us wonder what will Snapchat add next to secure its users. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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