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Engagement Rates Are Increasing With Shoppable Ads

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Engagement Rates Are Increasing With Shoppable Ads

Abby Costello

Yesterday, we touched on the new shoppable Snapchat ads that will make holiday shopping a lot easier. Any business can get their product showcased in these new Snapchat ads. Consumers can access full product catalogs and make purchases right from the advertisement. The addition to the social media app is using advanced pixel targeting features to bring shoppable ads to their consumers. Today we want to go into why you should consider these as in your Q4 marketing plan!

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is the leading social media among teens, with 16.4 million users aged 12 to 17 years old; 3.6 million more than Instagram. Retail brands have caught on to the social media trends, and are targeting their market through new shoppable ads. Companies like eBay and Guess have had success with using Snapchat to target customers, gaining 4.1 times the engagement rate compared to standard ads.An online subscription box service called FabFitFun was able to reach a new consumer audience with the use of Snapchat shoppable ads. Since they started using the shoppable ads in April of 2017 they have seen a 36 percent lower cost per acquisition. Shoppable ads give the customer all the information they need on a product without having to look anywhere else. By clicking on the ad they have full access to every product and all the information they need. Purchases can be made right through the ad, making it quick and easy, which works well with fast-paced consumers.

What Can It Do For My Business?

Once your business’s shoppable ad is posted, you can track exactly what consumers are doing on your website, instead of just knowing which page they visited on the site. The use of this pixel targeting capability allows for advertisers to create a customized advertisement based on their target audience. Snapchat will be hosting online training sessions in October to focus on the Snap Pixel and e-commerce marketing.Snapchat is looking to help boost sales this holiday season. With 188 million active users daily, the consumer market is huge. Last holiday season Snapchat conducted a study which showed users took 850 million shopping trips on Black Friday, and 20 percent more items were sold to the average Snapchat user than non-user. Now that you know all about what Shoppable Snap Ads are and why you should implement them, get out there and reach your key audience!

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