Common Webflow Questions

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a full content management system (CMS) that meets a powerful site designer and builder. Webflow allows you to easily create custom webhooks, import content from an existing database, or export content as JSON for use in native mobile apps.

Who Uses Webflow?

Well, Red Shark Digital for one... but seriously, we found that 14+ companies are currently using Webflow. Mostly found in the United States. Webflow is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue. We are new to the Webflow world, but these numbers are across about 3 years of data.

How Much Does Webflow Cost?

Webflow account pricing starts at $16/mo/user. Webflow site plans/hosting start at $12/mo and go up from there based on the number of pages, CMS items, products, and collaborators needed.A user can have as many projects as they'd like within their account, however, some user levels are limited to a certain amount of non-published projects. Like the basic plan.This plan allows you to have up to 2 unpublished projects inside your account. With site plans on your projects, you can have as many as you'd like.A way around this limit is working within what Webflow calls a team plan.Webflow team pricing is $35/mo/user and is most commonly used by agencies when freelancing web designers/developers.

Is Webflow SEO friendly?

Yes. Webflow offers a variety of control over a website and its pages' appearance within the SERPS. Custom code injection into both the head and footer of a project allows for appropriate pixels and tags to be added for tracking and reporting. Each individual page offers the ability to create custom titles, metas, canonical tags, and featured images for social sharing embeds.With the use of a CDN, AWS servers, and extremely clean code, the sites built on the platform are already set up for technical SEO success.Lastly, through the project settings, 301 redirects are a breeze. This includes setting them up and managing them post-launch.

Is Webflow Well-Supported?

Webflow offers an extensive library of video- and blog-based tutorials for learning and troubleshooting the platform. In addition to the Webflow university, the community forum is also well-monitored and constantly updated.The difference between Webflow and other builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, is the fact that the majority of people really using the platform are web design/development professionals and capable of troubleshooting not only their own problems, but those of the community.

Is Webflow Secure?

Webflow, like every other platform, lacks a blanketed immunity from attacks. However, that doesn't stop it from having advanced measures in place to thwart the more commonly seen website attacks, such as DDOS attacks.Via third party audits on the Webflow hosting environments, the organization continues to innovate its security measures to ensure it adheres to the state of the art application security measures.Every site published on Webflow has its own unique SSL.In addition to the measures listed above, Webflow's backup functionality adds another level of confidence. Knowing that even if a site is hacked, which is very rare, there are multiple backup points of all the site's pages, and content that a user can easily back up to with the click of a single button.

Does Webflow use a CDN?

Fastly, one of the number one CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) is used by Webflow. The use of Fastly in combination with AWS servers ensures a fast and reliable load time no matter where your clients are in the globe, nor the speed of their connection.CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are a series of data centers; in Webflow's case, there are upwards of 100 data centers throughout the globe. Each data center contains a copy of the site and its files.This, paired with a user's geographical area, reduced the load time and data needed to process the request when a browser tries to load the page.

What is a Webflow Expert?

A pool of Webflow designers/developers that have been recruited to Webflow to serve the community of business seeking highly-qualified power users as Webflow calls them, to build their next project.Reserved for experience, Webflow users that have active Webflow portfolios that have captured the attention of the Webflow team.Businesses are able to sort Webflow experts by project type, location, and even the type of expert. The difference there being an agency or a freelancer.The Webflow experts project is application only and requires a user to have at least 3 active projects, plus a public-facing portfolio site. The requirements don't stop there; the majority of experts have cited referral requests, where Webflow reaches out to past clients to validate your eligibility within the program.

Is Webflow Responsive?

Responsive web design relies heavily on well-documented breakpoints. This framework allows a website to know when it should structurally adjust its layout to accommodate the device's limitations.Webflow offers 7 breakpoint presets

  • Ultrawide screen
  • Wide screen
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile landscape
  • Mobile Portrait

Each of these preset breakpoints simply adjusts the canvas to the correct size, allowing the user to adjust the styles of certain elements according to the layout of the content.Responsiveness within Webflow cascades down, meaning the styles on laptop apply to every size smaller than it, unless otherwise noted; same with tablet, applying to itself and the two mobile screens until those two are adjusted.Webflow was very intentional when it came to responsive capabilities, even down to notifying you of specific devices that match the size of the canvas as you pull it in either direction.

Does Webflow Have Plugins?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense.When you hear plugins many think WordPress, where a majority of sites built on the platform require a plethora of plugins to accomplish even the most simple of projects.That is not the case with Webflow. Webflow out of the box offers all tools needed to build a clean, light, professional website.Plugins within Webflow are used to extend this functionality further, like advanced animation integration with Lottie, or sharing data externally via Zapier.

Does Webflow Have a CMS?

Yes, in the form of collections. Webflow allows the user to create a custom collection from a variety of field options available. With the collection created a fields needed per collection item, collection data can be uploaded easily via CSV. Something else that takes a plugin to do within WordPress.Webflow's collections can be called anywhere throughout the site, including a specific stand-alone dynamic page, think products, posts, locations, services, etc., and in specific sections for mini archives or full-page archives of a certain collection type.

Does Webflow Offer Backups?

Yes, Webflow offers backups per site and saves copies anywhere from 15 minutes apart to 2 hours.Each backup point is saved within a project's settings, allowing a one-click restore at any point, with project admin access.

Can I Track Changes in Webflow?

Webflow maintains an extensive change log independent of each project within your account, keeping track of everything from an element being created to a specific global project setting being update.In addition to this change log, the front-end, user-facing editor allows a collaborator to save their changes without publishing it live.

In Conclusion...

Webflow, while new, is gaining ground in the professional web development community. Growing its own user base as well as its industry footprint, it would appear Webflow is here to stay.We as an agency have adopted the platform and have several projects in the queue that are being built on the platform.Many of the key features Webflow offers out of the box are items that 100% of our clients request, which typically results in the use of a paid plugin or custom, expensive one-off solution.