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Common Webflow Questions

November 12, 2021
August 8, 2023

Common Webflow Questions

Spencer Bunting

Are you a business owner seeking to optimize your online presence and streamline website management with a Webflow agency? In the dynamic world of web development, Webflow stands out as an innovative platform offering many advantages. To help you harness the power of Webflow, we created a guide with expert answers to your frequently asked questions to provide valuable insights that help you make informed decisions for your digital success.

First Things First: What is Webflow?

Webflow is a web design and development platform that empowers users to create professional, responsive websites without manual coding. It offers an intuitive visual interface and a powerful Content Management System (CMS) to streamline the website-building process for designers, developers, and businesses. Webflow allows our Webflow agency to plan and customize webhooks, import content from an existing database, or export content as JSON for use in native mobile apps.

Who Uses Webflow?

Well, Red Shark Digital, for one... our Webflow agency is the only Webflow professional partner in North Carolina! On a serious note, though, according to its website, Webflow boasts a user base of over 3.5 million individuals. With over 100,000 clients from 190 countries, Webflow is their go-to platform for creating highly-reached external and internal websites.

How Much Does Webflow Cost?

Webflow has a range of site plans for both general and e-commerce websites.

Webflow Website Plans

  • Starter Plan: Free plan is best for those looking to learn how to use Webflow.
  • Basic Plan: Pay $14 monthly for the basic plan to launch a simple site.
  • CMS Plan: For $23 a month, this plan is best if you wish to add blogs or other content to the site.
  • Business Plan: $39 a month and get a quality plan if you have a high-traffic marketing site.
  • Enterprise Plan: To bring enterprise-level security and benefits, contact Webflow directly.

E-Commerce Website Plans

  • Standard: Pay $29 monthly for a plan great for e-commerce businesses just starting.
  • Plus: $74 a month, get a Webflow plan best for companies with higher volume.
  • Advanced: For $212 a month, this e-commerce Webflow plan enhances your business and scales new heights!

Is Webflow SEO-Friendly?

Yes, using Webflow for SEO is highly beneficial and effective. Webflow SEO offers a variety of control over a website and its pages' appearance within the SERPS. Custom code injection into a project's head and footer allows for appropriate pixels and tags to be added for tracking and reporting. Each page can create custom Webflow canonical tags, titles and metas, and featured images for social sharing embeds. With CDN, AWS servers, and extremely clean code, this sets up sites built on the platform for technical Webflow SEO success. Lastly, through the project settings, 301 redirects are a breeze. This includes setting them up and managing them post-launch.

Is Webflow Well-Supported?

Webflow offers an extensive library of video and blog-based tutorials for learning and troubleshooting the platform. In addition to Webflow University, the community forum is well-monitored and constantly updated. The difference between Webflow and other builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly is that most people using the platform are web design/development professionals capable of troubleshooting their problems and those of the community.

Is Webflow Secure?

Webflow, like every other platform, lacks a blanket immunity from attacks. However, it still has advanced measures to prevent the more commonly seen website attacks, such as DDOS attacks. Via third-party audits on the Webflow hosting environments, the organization continues to innovate its security measures to ensure it adheres to state-of-the-art application security measures. Every site published on Webflow has its own unique SSL. In addition to the criteria listed above, Webflow backups add another confidence level. Knowing that even if a site is hacked, there are multiple backup points of all the site's pages and content that a user can easily back up to with a single button.

Does Webflow use a CDN?

Fastly, one of the number one CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is used by Webflow. Using Fastly with AWS servers ensures a fast and reliable load time no matter where your clients are in the globe or their connection speed. CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are a series of data centers; in Webflow's case, there are upwards of 100 data centers throughout the globe. Each data center contains a copy of the site and its files. This and a user's geographical area reduced the load time and data needed to process the request when a browser tries to load the page.

What is a Webflow Expert?

A pool of Webflow designers/developers has been recruited to Webflow to serve the community of businesses seeking highly-qualified power users, as Webflow calls them, to build their next project. They are reserving space for an experienced Webflow agency with active Webflow portfolios that have captured the attention of the Webflow team. Businesses can sort Webflow experts by project type, location, and even the type of expert. The Webflow expert's project is application only and requires users to have at least three active projects plus a public-facing portfolio site. The requirements don't stop there; most experts have cited referral requests, where Webflow reaches out to past clients to validate your eligibility within the program.

Is Webflow Responsive?

Webflow websites are the best option for anyone looking to create responsive designs effortlessly and enhance Webflow for SEO. With well-documented breakpoints, Webflow ensures that a website automatically adjusts its layout to fit different devices. There are seven preset breakpoints, covering:

  • Ultrawide Screens
  • Widescreens
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Landscape
  • Mobile Portrait

Within Webflow Designer, the responsive styles cascade down, with techniques applied to larger devices automatically reflecting on smaller ones unless specified differently. Our Webflow web design agency shares an intentional approach to responsiveness by Webflow, even providing real-time notifications for specific devices matching the canvas size as we adjust it, making it easy to create truly responsive websites.

Does Webflow Have Plugins?

Yes, Webflow has plugins, but not in the traditional sense. When you hear plugins, many think of WordPress. Most sites on the platform require many plugins to accomplish even the most straightforward projects. That is not the case with Webflow. Webflow outside-of-the-box templates offer all tools needed to build a clean, light, professional website. Using plugins within Webflow extends certain functionality further, like advanced animation integration with Lottie or sharing data externally via Zapier.

Does Webflow Have a CMS?

Yes, Webflow offers a CMS plan website design. Webflow CMS is shown in the form of collections. Webflow allows the user to create a custom collection from a variety of field options available. With the collection created as fields needed per collection item, our web designer can upload the collection easily via CSV. Webflow's collections can be anywhere throughout the site, including a specific stand-alone dynamic page, think products, posts, locations, services, etc., and in particular sections for mini archives or full-page archives of a specific collection type. The Webflow page limit is endless!

Can I Track Changes in Webflow?

Webflow maintains an extensive change log independent of each project within an account. This keeps track of everything from creating an element to updating a specific global project setting. In addition to this change log, the front-end, user-facing editor allows a collaborator to save their changes without publishing them live.

Work With our Webflow Agency, Red Shark Digital, for all Web Development Needs

Our Webflow web design agency hopes this guide to frequently asked questions surrounding Webflow sheds some insight into the advantages of implementing this web development platform for your business. With our Webflow agency plan of action, we can ensure we build a website that aims to reach every marketing goal business owners have. To learn more about Webflow and how our Webflow agency can help, visit our website, contact us today, and set up a consultation!

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