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What exactly is Responsive Web Design?

May 9, 2022
May 1, 2023

What exactly is Responsive Web Design?

Abby Costello

Let’s go back in time for a minute. Remember when cell phones first began to have access to the internet? You might be looking at an extremely tiny version of the desktop site, or a compacted version that doesn’t display any of the features you would typically see on a desktop. Fast forward to now - we basically do everything on our phones. Online shopping, booking appointments, browsing menus... the list is endless. Our web design services Greenville NC couldn’t do all of that seamlessly if it weren’t for responsive web design!

What is Responsive Web Design?

If you aren’t super familiar with web design and UX, you are probably wondering “What is responsive web design?” Responsive web design is when a website’s layout and functionality are adjusted to fit your device, whether it be a tablet, mobile device, or desktop.Now that many people depend on their cell phones to access the web, it is an expectation that the site will work across any device just as it was built to work on a desktop. Think of it this way: when your pour water into a bowl, it takes the shape of the bowl. Pour it into a glass and it takes the shape of the glass. Responsive design is the same concept. Open up a website on a mobile device, and it will flow to fit your screen. Open it on a desktop, same thing!

Responsive Navigation

There should never be a ton of categories piled into your navigation. Simplify your navigation with collapsible menus, dropdowns, and in-page links so users can quickly and easily get where they need to go on your website. Aim to keep your navigation down to four or five key links. Within those four or five links you’ve chosen, make sure that the pages contain opportunities to travel across the site, such as CTAs and in-page links.

Organized Content

It is important to have a sense of your site’s content structure before designing it, sort of like needing to know an event’s dress code before picking out an outfit. Prioritize the messages you want to get across, plan how ideas flow from one to the other, and then design around the content you are going to have on your site. A site that flows well, converts well.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Just because you’re viewing your website on a huge screen doesn’t mean that you have to fill all the space. When viewing a site with tons of text on a mobile device, users will be scrolling for days. Our web design services Greenville NC team recommend writing with a purpose rather than writing to fill a space.


Refrain from using fonts that are difficult to read. On smaller screens, it will be even more difficult. Make sure your line height is appropriate as well so that your text isn’t smooshed together or floating too far apart. Another important factor is the size of your fonts. Headings that are too large might push your content further down on the page.


Make sure that your images load quickly across all devices. Even if they scale to fit the screen, they can still be 4MB and slow the load time. Webflow actually optimizes inline images for you, so they load fast and look great. Our web design services Greenville NC team is equipped with the expertise to design your responsive website utilizing the exclusive features that Webflow has to offer.

Responsive Web Design is Key

All in all, responsive web design is extremely important when building websites. You can keep all the important information and even remove the things you don’t necessarily need. In a world that depends on smartphones and easy access to the internet on the go, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Red Shark Digital, we take responsive web design seriously when building each and every one of our sites. To learn more about our web design services Greenville NC, visit our website or contact us today.

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