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Branding For Accessibility

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Branding For Accessibility

Red Shark Digital

Accessibility basically means that all users of your content have access to the same experience. Accessibility is often thought of as an afterthought when designing for branding Raleigh NC. Unfortunately, this excludes potential users and can make the experience more difficult for the users that are able to access your designs. For successful branding in Raleigh NC, accessibility needs to be considered a priority. Color choice is an important step in branding Raleigh NC. You want colors that will define and distinguish your brand from competitors. If you use color combinations that aren’t accessible, you will immediately cut out potential consumers. Color blindness is a prevalent condition and comes in multiple forms. Someone with Deutan color blindness will see an image differently than someone with Protan color blindness, even though they are both forms of red-green color blindness. Now imagine how differently all your users will experience your content.

The imagery used in your branding can change the accessibility of your content a lot. Similar to the colors used in your branding, you want your images to still have sufficient contrast for visually impaired users. This applies to the colors in the images, as well as any type being used over the images. When images are used on your website, include alt text describing the image. This will help visually impaired users experience the website and understand the context of images being used. Not only will this make your content more accessible, but alt text also helps your SEO (search engine optimization.) This simple addition stops the exclusion of visually impaired users from accessing your content and actually encourages even more traffic to your digital advertising agency through a better SEO strategy.

If you have intense bold or bright colors in your company’s branding in Raleigh, NC, it would be best to avoid flashing these in your marketing content. This could cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Without proper flash warnings, people might avoid your content just to be safe.  Cognitive disabilities or lower reading comprehension can also make your content inaccessible. When you’re creating your branding, or rebranding, avoid having lines intersect with type. A benefit of minimalist designs is that you keep the content simple enough for more users to access and understand, while keeping a professional look. Issues with accessibility can also be due environmental issues. Users viewing your content with bright, glaring lights will struggle to see low-contrast imagery. Users will not all be able to view content the same way you do when you’re previewing it. Content being viewed off of older devices, or devices that have poor image display quality, will not look the same. It will not benefit the perception of your branding in Raleigh, NC to assume everyone has access to the standard of devices you’re using to generate content. Accessible designs help the people they’re designed for, but also help everyone accessing the design. Any content including audio will be inaccessible to hearing-impaired users. Adding closed captions will make it accessible to those users, but also help the accessibility of users that can’t have audio for environmental reasons. Someone in a public place might skip your audio content because they can’t understand it with their volume turned down. Similarly, someone with a device that the audio does not work on will not be able to experience your audio content without closed captions. Adding closed captions on audio is a quick way your digital advertising agency can reach a wider audience.

Accessibility is an important consideration in your branding. It shouldn’t be viewed as an inconvenience, but rather a way to reach more users. The more accessible your branding, the more users your company will reach! Providing an accessible experience will also improve the public image of your branding in Raleigh, NC.

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