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5 Types of Logos: Logo Design Raleigh NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

5 Types of Logos: Logo Design Raleigh NC

Red Shark Digital

The first thing you should know about logo design is that there are a total of 5 types of logos we can deliver. Now there are some advantages and disadvantages to each style of logo out there. Your brand should consider how you’d like to be perceived by your target market. What elements of your brand would you like highlighted? Are you seeking to stand out or fit in? Who are you trying to appeal to? So without dragging this out, let’s dive right in to the list so that you can determine what kind of logo would work best for your business.

Number 1: Emblem Logos

The tried and true logo. Emblem logos are commonly crests or seals, and act as a mark for the business without explicitly saying the brand's name. Some great examples of emblem logos are: Warner Brothers, Starbucks, and the NFL. Emblems can give your brand a traditional look, which is why they work so well with government and schools.

Logo Design Raleigh NC

Number 2: Wordmarks

Just another timeless and classic logo option. Wordmarks are also known as LogoTypes. Since wordmarks contain no graphic elements, all of the attention goes to the typography. Now, it’s not as simple as selecting a typeface that you think looks nice. Designers meticulously tweak and adjust each letter until the whole mark works as a cohesive whole. Wordmarks are a great start for brand new businesses or brands that want a sophisticated look. Here are a few examples of wordmarks: Disney, Google, and Canon.

Logo Design Raleigh NC | Red Shark Digital

Number 3: Monograms

Super common, and yet, still effective. Just think of these timeless monogram logos like the NY Yankees, Louis Vuitton, and DC Skate. Similar to wordmarks, monograms highlight the typography of the brand. Monograms work for a wide variety of brands such as fashion, law firms, sports teams, and broadcast television.

Logo Design Raleigh NC | Red Shark Digital

Number 4: Brandmark Logos

Some examples of brandmarks include: Twitter, Beats, and Apple. Typically the brandmark is an image or symbol that’s derived from the brand's name or an element of the business. Brandmarks are typically utilized by brands who have already developed a decent bit of brand recognition. Brandmarks can be a great way to show some of your personality, but may not be suggested if you’re a brand new business with little to no recognition.

Logo Design Raleigh NC | Red Shark Digital

Number 5: Abstract Logos

Going further down the rabbit hole of logo design, we have abstract logos. Abstract logos are a great way to utilize a symbol as your brand and show off some of your personality. Abstract logos consist of completely unique symbols and shapes, for example: Nike, Pepsi, and McDonald's.

Logo Design Raleigh NC | Red Shark Digital

If you're looking for logo design Raleigh NC or Greenville NC, Red Shark Digital can deliver. Whether it’s one of these five logo options that you want for your business, we can handle it. Every brand, big or small, has to have a strong logo. Most small businesses we help already have a logo that was either rushed or is currently outdated. With that being said, we guarantee when you come us for branding that you’ll be blown away by the options you’ll receive.

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