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Angus Grill Brand Identity Teaser

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Angus Grill Brand Identity Teaser

Abby Costello
Angus Grill | Brand Identity | Red Shark Digital

One of Red Shark Digital’s specialties is brand identity. Our latest project, Angus Grill, consisted of recreating the logo, creating a new pattern for a new menu, food photography, and a complete redesign and rebuild of their website.

Angus Grill | Brand Identity | Red Shark Digital

Angus Grill’s old website was outdated and did not effectively display the restaurant’s upbeat, enthusiastic atmosphere. With a plain black-and-white bare-boned menu, users could not fully grasp the deliciousness of Angus Grill’s menu items. The new site will feature a revamped menu with photos of each item and the recommended sides for each respective item. It also allows for ease of ordering online from each of the restaurant’s three locations. With large, in-your-face typefaces and up close and personal burger photography, you will be craving an Angus Grill burger after visiting the new site. Check out the teaser video below!

Team Members Involved:

Logo: Matt Wagner

Web Design: Spencer Bunting

Web Development: Mike Fenwick

Photography: Christian Jester

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