Branding Through Social Media Marketing

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Branding Through Social Media Marketing

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Branding may seem to encompass a broad element of a business, but the truth is you must be extremely cautious while constructing your initial brand strategy. There are no specific set of rules to follow which makes branding that much more difficult. Don’t shy away from the challenge just yet, check out these three tactics to start creating your own solid brand strategy through social media marketing today.

Clear Focus

Branding describes how people visualize you in the marketplace. It is imperative that your business has a clear focus while initiating your brand strategy. The focus that you create is delivered directly to the customer when they officially see your product for the first time through social media. Customers need to be made aware of why you are in business and what you can specifically give back to that customer with your product. To begin advertising your brand and your purpose behind your brand. Find one distinct characteristic your business has to offer and build your brand around that characteristic. Once you understand what your company stands for you can begin relaying that information back to customers by explaining why your product excels over competing brands.


While creating your brand, consistency plays a key role in success. Businesses must be able to maintain a congruous advertising plan including elements such as colors, themes and overall message. This means a business will simultaneously blend all of a marketing campaign’s brand details into one message. This message gives customers a straightforward idea of what your company represents no matter what platform it may be displayed on. Consistency can be broken when brand owners become bored with original brand strategies. Owners will begin improvising on their looks without realizing what they have to jeopardize. As soon as a customer sees an ad for your business, they should immediately recognize the brand within the first few seconds. Whether it is the logo, colors, theme or even graphics your business needs to be memorable, and that is accomplished through consistency. If you are looking to maintain a consistent social media message, Red Shark Digital is a social media marketing agency in Raleigh, NC that specializes in constructing multiple different social media posts in order to produce one cohesive message to highlight your overall brand.

Social Media Marketing Impact

The last component to truly drive home your brand strategy is establishing an emotional connection between your product and the customer through social media. Customers purchase items from different companies for numerous reasons, but what pushes them to become loyal customers? Companies such as Warby Parker exemplify great emotional impact within their strategy. Every time a pair of glasses are purchased, they donate a pair of glasses back to men and women in developing countries. Along with donating the glasses, Warby Parker also trains these men and women to give basic eye exams. Therefore, they are then able to sell glasses to others in need at an affordable price. Warby Parker was able to find their characteristic that sets them apart from competitors and this will eventually produce customer loyalty between the brand, because customers know they can trust the brand and they feel as if they’re giving back in a sense as well.

Branding has always been an essential piece of a flourishing marketing campaign. However, once in time it was solely used as a fundamental aspect that focused on slogans, designs and symbols. While these features still remain significant today, the idea behind branding has become more important now than ever. Branding now lays the foundation for your business, because it not only authenticates your credibility, but it results in future user loyalty. Building a brand can be tricky, but it is not impossible, especially while utilizing a top social media marketing agency out of Raleigh, NC such as Red Shark Digital. Contact Red Shark Digital today to learn about our wide variety of services so we can help get your brand on the right track to success through social media marketing.

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