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Resetting The Way Brands Connect With Consumers During COVID-19

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

Resetting The Way Brands Connect With Consumers During COVID-19

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In the midst of a pandemic that shows no signs of ending any time soon, it’s no surprise that consumers are changing the way they shop. The retail market has evolved so rapidly over the past six months that Raleigh NC branding consultants barely know what will happen in the next six weeks, let alone the next six months. As consumers become accustomed to this ‘new normal’, there is a wide range of challenges for brand owners to address. Since March, there has been a rapid shift towards online shopping platforms as well as an increase in shoppers trying reduced contact solutions like drive-up grocery pickup and grocery deliveries. So what does this mean for business branding Raleigh NC? Brands will need to adopt a faster, test and learn-based approach when it comes to product development and marketing cycles. Red Shark has compiled a list of tips that brands should consider to evolve their marketing and branding plans to respond to this shift since these buying habits may prove to be permanent.

Embrace Trial And Error

Your business must adjust to the digital-first mentality of ‘done is better than perfect’, and embrace it. Working with smaller, more nimble partners, like Red Shark digital marketing agency in Raleigh NC, that can iterate ideas quickly is the best way to execute new marketing approaches and get them up and running in a short amount of time. Once they start performing, Raleigh NC branding research can be conducted by your trusty partners at Red Shark to see where changes need to be made based on your consumer’s response and reaction to your new strategies. Through trial and error, adjustments can be made as you go to get the most out of your business’ branding Raleigh NC.  

Push Your Brand’s Ethical Positioning

One clear trend that our branding Raleigh NC specialists at Red Shark are seeing is a propensity to be loyal to products or businesses that have behaved ethically throughout the crisis of COVID-19. Reiterating your brand’s mission statement and the steps you are taking to not only take care of your customers but your employees as well will show consumers that you are ethically handling this crisis with as much grace as possible. Some consumers will come out of COVID-19 eating fewer snacks, while others will buy more produce locally as part of a sustainability drive. Consumers will stay loyal as long as they feel like companies are being empathetic and understanding to both consumers and their employees during these emotionally challenging times.

Consider Collaborations

Brands need to think about ways in which non-traditional partnerships might help them counter COVID-19 challenges. Collaborating with other businesses will get you in front of consumers and an audience that you wouldn’t normally focus on reaching. For example, a smoothie shop could collaborate with a local gym, pushing consumers to stop by their shop and try a healthy snack after working out at the said gym. This reiterates the ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality while helping to promote two brands at once.

Red Shark Branding Raleigh NC

There is no doubt that the financial, health and logistical aftershocks of COVID-19 will reset the way brands connect with consumers. For those brands willing to listen to consumers, quickly adapt to their new behaviors and form imaginative partnerships to meet their needs, the opportunities will certainly outweigh the risks. If you are interested in learning more about branding Raleigh NC, contact Red Shark today!

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