WordPress vs. Webflow Ecommerce

In the wonderful world of web development Greenville NC, the team here at Red Shark Digital has built many websites in its time… around 400 to be exact. We are extremely proud of all of the websites we have designed, built, and maintained since our inception in 2013. With that being said, we have also learned the ins and outs of many platforms, including WordPress and Webflow eCommerce.As two of the biggest and most popular site builders on the market, WordPress and Webflow have their own pros and cons. However, our web development Greenville NC agency can help weigh the options and decide on which platform will best suit your needs.


Webflow has limitless customization options that allows developers to build websites without code, including creating animations and interactions. The drag and drop page builder lets you build and customize your pages any way you please. You can even make edits directly on your pages, so you can get a real-time preview before pushing it live. Now of course, with each platform comes its downsides. If you are a web developer, there may be bit of a learning curve, but there are plenty of video tutorials available. Webflow also limits the amount of products, variants, CMS items, and categories that you can have on one site with a cap of 3,000. If you have a gigantic amount of eCommerce products, WordPress may be a better option. However, Webflow eCommerce offers a wide range of optimized features. Webflow eCommerce includes shipping, taxes, order processing, purchases on Instagram, integration with Zapier, and more. You can customize the checkout process, improve the shopping cart experience, and integrate the store into your blog.


WordPress is an extremely popular way to build websites. With over 54,000 plugin options, you can customize your site every which way. There are thousands of integrations available since it is such a popular platform, and you can create SEO-friendly sites that are mobile responsive. If you don’t want to use code, you can still create nice websites without doing so.A big downside of WordPress is that you must have coding experience or use a developer if you want a customized design. (That’s where our web development Greenville NC agency comes in!) While WordPress is very popular, it is also becoming outdated, so it is receiving increasingly less updates.

Which Should You Choose?

It all boils down to your business’s specific needs. If you have a product line of over 3,000 products, WordPress would be the way to go. If your line is smaller, we will likely recommend Webflow eCommerce. At Red Shark Digital, we have web developers that are experts in both. No matter what you need, we would be happy to help!