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Why Law Firm SEO Services Are Necessary in 2022

June 24, 2022
August 8, 2023

Why Law Firm SEO Services Are Necessary in 2022

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If you’re a law firm office, chances are you already have a website, but is it everything it can be? In 2022 it’s no longer enough to only have a site for your services, you need it to be optimized. Whether you’re a small business or part of a larger corporation, if you’re looking to boost your business and build trust within the local and professional community, law firm SEO services should be your number one marketing priority. If you’re looking for SEO services near me, here are some of the areas you’ll want to include in your digital marketing plan.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

1. Build Those Links

Has anyone ever clicked on the second page of results after a google search? Getting your business to rank on the first page is crucial. One of the ways law firm SEO services can achieve this is by link building. Using internal links sends users to relevant pages within your site while including links from other reputable businesses on your site tells the search engines that you’re a trustworthy source for your services. An easy way to do this is by enlisting a team of copywriters from the leading SEO services near me to create a consistent stream of blogs where these links can be easily tucked into the content. This can help secure your spot on servers’ first pages long-term.

2. Keywords Are, Well, Key

Optimizing your website with keywords that will drive clients to your site is a marketing must-do for law firm SEO services. By sprinkling relevant keywords like your location and service throughout your site, you’re telling Google to associate your business with them, which will ultimately lead potential clients to your site. Key places to keep your keywords are within title tags, meta descriptions, and body text. Investing in a marketing team such as our SEO services near me that utilizes keywords within blogs in their SEO services plan is a great way to consistently create keyword-filled content.

3. Be Social

Today, many customers expect businesses to have a presence on a social networking site. You might be thinking, “what place does a law firm agency have on social media?” Having a presence on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn may improve your business. In addition to being another way your clients can locate you, you can also use these sites to network and share news like case wins to further establish yourself as industry experts within the community.

Technical Law Firm SEO Services

1. Make it Mobile

Over half of all web visits are done via a mobile phone. In 2022, if you haven’t made your site mobile you’re losing half of your potential revenue. You’ll also want to ensure that your site is user-friendly and responsive with website development programs like Webflow. Having a site that’s difficult to navigate or looks dated can be frustrating and deter people from your business. Although it may feel unfair to have your abilities judged by what your site looks like, site issues like these can be a marker of whether or not your business is up to date with current practices-both technical and service-wise. Enlisting an agency that includes site audits by a skilled developer in their law firm SEO services plans is beneficial to your business’s campaign.

2. Do Some Housekeeping

Perhaps one of the most simple things you can do to help with your technical SEO is to do some housekeeping. If your site is stalling out on you, it’s time to get it up to speed. You’ll also want to take time to look for any errors. Regularly scouring your site for things like site security, typos, broken links, and duplicate content can help keep your site looking clean and reputable.

Local SEO for Law Firm SEO Services

1. Google My Business

Years ago when you needed to look up a local service, you’d crack open your local yellow pages to try and track down what you’re looking for. Today, those yellow pages have been taken over by the internet, specifically, a little corner of the internet called Google Business Profiles. When you search for law firm SEO services in Google, you’ll see a column pop up on the left-hand side of your results page with a list of businesses that perform these services. This is how your potential clients are going to find you. By providing Google with information like your address, phone number, and services, Google will place you on the map, literally and figuratively, for leads.

2. Reviews

When searching for a product or service, your number one question is: Does this really work? No matter how sleek your site is, or how competitive your prices are, consumers want to know whether they can trust you. A great way to build up that trust is with reviews. If you have a Google Business Profile set up, you’ll also automatically have a space where clients can leave thoughts on their experience with you. If your reviews are positive, you’ll gain trust with your potential clients, which will often generate more leads. Many businesses might feel hesitant about a review section. What if you receive a bad review? It’s all about how you respond to the criticism. Users will appreciate a level-headed, concerned, approach rather than a heated debate. With reviews, you’ll also be able to use their experiences, whether positive or negative, to gauge where your weakness and strengths lie.

Red Shark Digital | Law Firm SEO Services

Looking for SEO services near me? Red Shark Digital’s law firm SEO services can provide a customized digital marketing plan for your law offices. Our award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency includes creatives, copywriters, web developers, and digital strategists all under one roof. No matter what your business’s particular goals are, we’ll help you meet them. If you’re ready to experience the Red Shark Digital difference, contact us today.

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