What is CMS Webflow?

CMS Webflow is the content management system built within Webflow. CMS Webflow is what allows for true point, click, and edit management of a website, without additional coding in the backend. Now, you can fully manage, maintain, and update your website, even if you have no coding experience or do not come from a web development background. While CMS Webflow is integral for managing a site, it also provides a variety of other features and tools. Read on to learn the ins and outs surrounding the question everyone’s asking: “What is CMS Webflow?”

Search Engine Optimization for CMS Webflow

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), having a number of indexable pages can help your website rank on search engines across the board for a variety of keywords. Internet marketing Greenville NC agencies can instantly create any number of pages that can be indexed by Google using the collections tab within CMS Webflow. Optimize your site to rank for more keywords, attract more website visitors and increase engagement with the advanced SEO features available to you through CMS Webflow.

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What is CMS Webflow dynamic content?

Dynamic content is any digital content that changes based on data, user behavior, and preferences. Using CMS Webflow and an external tool such as Zapier allows for automated collection setup for the data on your website.

How CMS Webflow Dynamic Content Works:

Applications like Zapier pull or push live data from a database such as Xano or Airtable, which will, in turn, update the data or content on the website based on the data pulled from your database. Dynamic content features in CMS Webflow minimize the need for regular website maintenance. With Webflow, you can insert or display information such as the number of students in a course automatically onto your website.

Writing & Editing Content in CMS Webflow

When it comes to writing content, nothing is worse than posting a blog onto your site, only for it to completely clash with your current web design. With CMS Webflow, you can directly edit the content once it is on the page allowing for a seamless transition when balancing content with design.

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Centralized Content Alignment in CMS Webflow

Another benefit of the CMS Webflow content tool is the ability to edit content across the site from one centralized location. For example, featured slogans across web pages are manageable within Webflow Collections. The CMS Webflow feature will automatically update your assets across the site.

Webflow Community

Webflow has one of the most active communities in the current digital age. With constant updates and support from Webflow, valuable customer service, an educated support staff, and a group of online professionals, there is always a resource to help should you have any questions or want to hire a designer/developer. Whether you are looking for design inspiration or researching what is CMS Webflow, the Webflow community is a great place to start.

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When it comes to website platforms, nothing allows for greater ease of use than CMS Webflow. The ability to edit content directly on the page with no coding required is invaluable throughout each role in the process. Whether you seek to be more efficient, spend less time editing the site, or need collaborative features for editing and adjustments, CMS Webflow has the tools and features to support a variety of job roles. We at Red Shark Digital are a full-service internet marketing Greenville NC agency. Whether you are looking for help with Webflow, SEO, or any other marketing-related endeavor, we have you covered! Check out our website or give us a call today.