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Website Rebuilds ft. RSD’s Webflow Experts

November 24, 2020
September 27, 2023

Website Rebuilds ft. RSD’s Webflow Experts

Red Shark Digital

Have you ever gone to a website and found yourself completely lost in what we like to call “link soup”? Do you have to click through tons of links before you can find what you need? Is the main navigation menu poorly organized? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it means it is time for a redesign. Here at Red Shark Digital, we tend to rely on our Webflow experts to rebuild sites that need a helping hand with their user experience.

Your website should be intuitive so that users know exactly where to go to find what they need, even if they have never visited your site before. With that being said, here are some tips from our Webflow experts when it comes to website redesigns:

Focus on Your Users

Remember that the website is for your clients/customers, not for you. Understanding your target market is extremely important; not doing so can hurt your website and your business as a whole. If you plan on doing a website rebuild, prepare for your first meeting with your chosen digital marketing agency (hint: Red Shark Digital is a great one) by scoping out inspiration sites within your industry. Find out what other sites your customers may visit and take note of the user experience.

Pinpoint Your Goals

After you have picked out some inspiration sites, decide on some specific goals that you would like to reach with your website. Start by nailing down the overall purpose of the site; for example, to educate your audience about your market or to promote your higher-revenue services. With specific goals laid out on the table, the Webflow experts in charge of your website redesign will have a clear understanding of exactly what they need to do.

Map Out Your Site

Redesigning your site with the Webflow experts at Red Shark Digital is extra satisfying for all the Type A personalities out there. During our first kickoff meeting, we will discuss your current sitemap along with a new, proposed sitemap. This allows us to work together to organize your site based on factors such as your most important pages, your most profitable products/services, etc. If your site is cluttered with tons of pages, and therefore a crowded navigation menu, we can help you map out your site for a much smoother user experience.


Our Webflow experts are also pros at creating responsive designs for your website. If your site doesn’t work as efficiently on mobile as it does on desktop, you are likely to lose valuable customers and/or sales, since many people rely on their smartphones for internet access on the go. We can get your website looking remarkable on desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

There are many ways that our Webflow experts can improve your website when it comes time to rebuild. Contact us today for more information!

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