Webflow Vs WordPress

The decision to use Webflow vs WordPress has been an ongoing debate in the web development industry for the last several years. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, however, Webflow has started to edge ahead in recent times. Below we will take a look at some differences between Webflow vs WordPress and show you why Webflow is the more effective development platform for your company's website.


Webflow is a great tool to build modern websites. Webflow is a no-code website development and CMS tool. Webflow websites allow for the visual buildout of a website, as opposed to relying on coding. What does this mean for your business's website? Webflow Websites allow the developer to close the gap between the visual aesthetic of the site, and the backend code that runs the site.Allowing developers to design websites based solely on visual appearance ensures the end result is a far more polished product than that of a code-based website. While there are some benefits to a code-based website, the e-commerce functionality, SEO improvements, and responsiveness of a no-code Webflow website far outweigh these for most businesses and make Webflow the go-to platform for website development.


WordPress is an open-source web development platform that has been around for over a decade. While WordPress does have some pros, such as the ability to easily update your site, blog integration, or the upfront low cost, the cons tend to outweigh these. One of the biggest roadblocks regarding WordPress is the ability to easily set up e-commerce.With so many online businesses growing in recent years due to the global pandemic, the need for seamless e-commerce integration has never been higher. While there are plug-ins for WordPress, such as WooCommerce for e-commerce integration, they require lots of developer time to customize and set up properly. Regardless of whether you are using an in-house developer or outsourcing to an agency, WordPress requires far more hands-on time than Webflow websites which increases the cost and time associated with your website.

Red Shark Digital | Webflow Websites

Webflow vs WordPress will be an ongoing debate for years to come. However, with the added benefits mentioned above, Webflow is the clear frontrunner for modern businesses. When it comes to Webflow websites we at Red Shark Digital have a team of award-winning web developers on staff to take all your creative ideas and turn them into reality. Whether you are looking for a custom website, SEO, paid advertising, or any other marketing-related endeavor we have you covered! Stop by or check out our website today for more information!