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Webflow Recruiting Landing Page Design

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Webflow Recruiting Landing Page Design

Abby Costello

Red Shark Digital has accomplished designing and developing a Webflow recruiting landing page for MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. This project was a single-page site build with a two-week timeline. The design and development team at Red Shark Digital worked diligently to create the single-page site, featuring a testimonial slider, custom icons, and Ziprecruiter integration. The site provides potential applicants with information about the MasterBrand hiring process, testimonials from employees, and key benefits of working with the company. Apply Now buttons are placed intentionally across the page, allowing potential applicants to find the application with ease.

This single-pager is clean, pleasing to the eye, and easily navigable. Check out the MasterBrand website here!

Here's a sneak peek:

Webflow Recruiting Landing Page | Red Shark Digital

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