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Upcountry Fiber Webflow Website Build

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Upcountry Fiber Webflow Website Build

Abby Costello

In partnership with Viamark Advertising, Red Shark Digital has completed yet another Webflow website build! This brand new site was built for Upcountry Fiber, a new business for high-speed fiber internet, HD TV, and phone service.

Built within a three-week timeline, Red Shark Digital designed and built this site with third-party integrations for bill pay as well as TV To-Go. As you navigate through the site, you will discover unique animations and eye-catching design elements that make it easy to digest the abundance of information this site has to offer. When choosing internet plans, it is important that the user be able to compare prices and features at a glance, and Upcountry Fiber’s brand new Webflow website accomplishes that effortlessly.

Team Members Involved:

  • Website Design: Spencer Bunting
  • Development: Mike Fenwick
  • Project Management: Abby McVeigh
  • Account Management: Travis Jones

Here is a sneak peek, but make sure to check out the UpCountry Fiber Webflow website for yourself!

Webflow Website | Upcountry Fiber | Red Shark Digital

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