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Understanding SERPS

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Understanding SERPS

Matt Mitchell

With a little less than 200 million active websites on the internet, you should always be looking for a way to get your site noticed and attract more customers. SERPs are the most important tool for catching your target markets eye and building your brand.

What is a SERP?

If you’re new to the web, you’re probably thinking what in the world is a SERP? Fear not, SERP is just a fancy acronym for Search Engine Results Pages and they are fairly easy to understand! Search Engine Results Pages are web pages that are served to users when they search online through a search engine, like Google. The user will enter a query, often using terms or phrases known as keywords, and will be presented with a SERP. The user will then be presented with two types of content; “organic” results and paid results. The SERP also has a variety of features such as the shopping results, featured snippets, and reviews.

Unique to the User

Every SERP is also unique to each specific search. Even when using the same search engine with the same keywords, you will likely be presented with different results. The search engine takes different factors into play to customize the user’s experience, this includes factors such as browsing history, social settings, and the user’s physical location. This will then produce more in-depth and relevant results that the user would be more likely to click on.

Organic Results

As mentioned earlier, the SERPs will feature two types of content; “organic” and paid results. Organic results are pages that result from the search engines algorithm based on a series of factors relevant to the user. First-page organic results are highly sought after because users are more likely to click on the first or second result than one on the second or third page. Users also view organic results to be more trustworthy and reliable due to Google being a highly efficient and trustworthy search engine. You can achieve first-page organic results by practicing SEO techniques such as optimizing your website and creating optimized content. If you’re still struggling to achieve your intended results, SEO Penalties may be a factor. Try to stay clear of keyword stuffing and content that may hinder your results.

Paid Results

In contrast to organic results and how they appear based on the search engine algorithm, paid results have paid to be displayed by an advertiser. Paid results can adapt to a variety of forms in a multitude of formats to cater to the advertiser’s needs. These results will likely be shown before the organic results and have a green indicator such as “Ad” posted before the URL. Paid results can have certain advantages for your business. When using mobile devices, it can be hard to see organic results without scrolling due to the expanded size of ads. Paid results now have more subtle ad labeling make it less obvious that it is an ad.

SERPs can boost your business to a new level and help you gain valuable customers. Now that you can successfully interpret a SERP, it’s time to get your business noticed. Red Shark Digital can provide you with an SEO package that is guaranteed to boost your rankings and build your brand. Receive a free audit today and transform your business!

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