The Best Burgers in Greenville NC: Angus Grill Webflow Website Rebuild

If you read about the Angus Grill Brand Identity Teaser, buckle up because their new Webflow website rebuild is going to blow your mind (and your taste buds). Today marks the official launch of The Angus Grill’s new site!

As we explained previously, Angus Grill’s old website was not efficiently expressive of their fun, upbeat environment. With very basic serif text, sub-par food photography, and a bare menu, users would never know just how exuberant The Angus Grill can be. The previous website, while functional, did not entice users to visit one of the three Angus Grill locations in Pitt County. It was purely informative rather than enticing.

Best Burgers Greenville NC | Angus Grill | Webflow Website Rebuild

The Angus Grill: Webflow Website Rebuild

Red Shark Digital worked under a 6-week timeline to accomplish a complete Webflow website rebuild, starting from scratch on Webflow. Our goal with this project was to make The Angus Grill’s new site over-the-top and in your face. We accomplished this with intentional food photography, large typefaces, and the intricacy of including images for each menu item ingredient. The new site showcases Angus’s atmosphere as well as their delicious food in a way that their old site just couldn’t accomplish. We are humbled to have had the opportunity to revamp the website for one of Pitt County’s favorite burger joints.

Check out the Angus Grill website!

Best Burgers Greenville NC | Angus Grill | Webflow Website Rebuild

Team Members Involved:

Web Design & Account Management: Spencer Bunting

Project Management: Abby McVeigh

Web Development: Mike Fenwick

Identity Design & Content Creation: Matt Wagner

Photo & Video Production: Christian Jester

Social Media Management: Alaina Corsini and Lauren Boyd