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RSD Launches First Ever Online Handprint Art Boutique: Peacock Prints & Clay

November 30, 2021
May 1, 2023

RSD Launches First Ever Online Handprint Art Boutique: Peacock Prints & Clay

Abby Costello

It’s finally here… the first ever online handprint art boutique. Introducing: Peacock Prints & Clay!

This project first came to light in conversations with our client, The Painted Peacock, about a year ago. At first, it was an idea for the future. But after weeks of hard work and dedication to the project, Prints & Clay is finally live to the public!

How It Works

This two-part series of websites began with the Peacock Prints & Clay marketing website, which was built on Webflow. The purpose of this site was to market the all-new online handprint art boutique and explain in great detail how the process works. It was important to include an abundance of photos and text containers on the marketing site to fully encapsulate the steps of the process and the beautiful finished piece that results!

Peacock Prints & Clay | Marketing Website


The site includes sliding testimonials from happy customers, videos that explain the process, FAQs, blogs, and more. After exploring the marketing site and learning how the process works, customers can start their order on the Peacock Prints & Clay ordering site!

Peacock Prints & Clay | Marketing Website

The First of Its Kind

Being the first iteration of its kind, the second part of this project was built completely custom. The process begins with the first-time user creating an account and filling out information for their child/children. They are then prompted to choose a medium and select their interests, resulting in a gallery of pieces tailored to those preferences.

Peacock Prints & Clay | E-Commerce Website

Customizable Pottery Pieces

Furthermore, as users scroll through the pottery pieces and designs, they will find designs ranging from dinosaurs to fruit to sports, and pieces ranging from large pitchers to sushi plates, and many more! Each and every piece is hand-painted and customizable. On many pieces, customers are able to select colors of paint as well as other variables. For example, the product titled “2 Dinosaur XL Platter” allows customers to choose which child’s handprint is assigned to a certain type of dinosaur! They can choose from T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and more, as well as the color of the dinosaur.

Peacock Prints & Clay | E-Commerce Website

Once the customer signs up, chooses a pottery piece and design, and reaches checkout, a Print Kit is automatically added to their cart along with their chosen pottery piece. The Print Kit is the first item sent to the customer, which includes all things needed to capture their children’s handprints. The completed clay prints are then sent back to Peacock Prints and Clay, and the magic begins! Once the pottery piece has been painted and adorned with little handprints and/or footprints, it is then sent back to the customer as a completed product.

Check out a snippet of the sign-up process:

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

Thank You, Peacock Prints & Clay!

This project was a pleasure to work on and it has been extremely fulfilling to see it come to life and have a successful launch to the public! We are grateful for the opportunity to call this project ours, and thank you to the owners of Peacock Prints & Clay for trusting us with this custom website!

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