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Photoshop Object Selection Tool Explained

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Photoshop Object Selection Tool Explained

Red Shark Digital

Object Selection Tool⁠, AKA the “Make my life easier tool", is arguably one of the best tools added to the program in the last few years! If you're not a fan of the pen tool, or are just in a rush and need something clipped, you'll find this one interesting.⁠⁠ Follow along with this tutorial by downloading the working file below!

The tool itself can be found just above the crop tool on your toolbar. It is equipped with two different modes to help get precise selections: Rectangle and Lasso.

Rectangle mode allows you to draw a (rectangular) selection around the object within your image, which tells the program where to detect an object. Once your selection is made with the marque your computer handles the rest.

Lasso mode gives you the freedom to draw a selection as close to your desired element as possible. In our example, we were able to select one single flower from a pot of many.Just like most other photoshop tools, holding shift while making a selection will add to it, just as holding the option key will take away from it.The Object Selection Tool is perfect for making quick selections, cutting objects out, and starting on a detailed mask. Let the program do the heavy lifting and give you a strong foundation to build upon.

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