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How To Build Trim Paths After Effects Animation | Adobe After Effects Tutorial

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How To Build Trim Paths After Effects Animation | Adobe After Effects Tutorial

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Working in Adobe After Effects can be tricky, but this effect is easy for anyone to accomplish! Trim paths After Effects are a simple way to add motion to your designs. Depending on how you do it, the result will be a custom animation of your shape appearing or disappearing! Read on to learn from the leading creative Greenville NC team about trim paths After Effects and how you can use them to enhance your designs.

Step 1: Create Elements

In a new After Effects composition, make the shape you want to apply the animation to. This can be type, a preset shape, or a custom shape drawn with the pen tool. Creative Greenville NC experts recommend that whatever you choose, make sure it has no fill, only a stroke.

Step 2: Outlining Text

(Skip if you’re not using text.) Set your type to the typeface you want to use, because you won’t be able to change it later. Select the type and go to the “Create” tab in the “Layer” drop-down menu, choose “Create Shapes from Text.” Now you can treat the text just like a regular shape. Remember to make sure it is only a stroke and has no fill.

Step 3: Add Trim Path

Under the shape layer, add content by clicking the “Add” arrow to the right of the “Contents” tab. Select “Trim Path” from the list. It will bring up Trim Path After Effects options in the shape layer.

Step 4: Animation Speed

Click the start keyframe at the time point you want the animation to start. Then, drag your time to when you want the animation to end, and pull the “Start” percentage to 100%. A shorter duration will be a faster animation, so move the keyframes if you need to edit the timing.

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Learning about all of the amazing designs and tools that you can use in Adobe After Effects takes time. It's important to remind yourself that learning looks different for anyone, and there is no one right way to design! If you need creative services near me, Red Shark Digital is equipped with an experienced creative Greenville NC team that can turn your business's design concepts into a reality. For more information regarding our creative services near me, contact us today or visit our website. For creatives, visit our blog page for more valuable resources like learning to create trim paths After Effects!

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