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New Trends to Elevate Your SEO Strategy in Greenville NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

New Trends to Elevate Your SEO Strategy in Greenville NC

Mike Fenwick

When it comes to SEO in Greenville NC, competition is fierce depending on what vertical you are in, which is why you always have to be on top of trends that will assure your SEO success. With that being said, don’t fall behind your competitors or behind Google’s algorithm for that matter by following these 5 trends for the remainder of the year. Trust me, these are trends you do not want to overlook, especially if you are planning on dominating the SERPs. So without further ado, let’s dive into the top trends to implement in your digital strategy.

Go Below the Surface

So let’s be honest, how often do you personally find any value in short 200 word pieces of content? Personally, all short content does is make me want more and then look elsewhere for the content I am in search of. What does this mean for you though? This means that your content, especially your blogs need to be more comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and yes, you guessed it, longer. Historically speaking, when you look at the top 5 results in the search listings, the top 5 are all pages with over 1,000 words.

Not only is the content that is ranking higher more dense in content, but they are full of real-world examples, studies, statistics, facts, and even visual components. Do you see the correlation here between the quality of content and search engine results? Gone are the days of posting fly by the seat of the pants content or unpurposeful content. The time is now to enter the next generation of content creation and leave the superficial content in the past. Remember, if the content has no value, then there will be no audience interest.

Invest, Invest, Invest

If you want to be the best of the best, you have to post content that is the best of the best. To get the best content, you will have to up your investment on proper content creation techniques. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 56% of content marketers are continuing to increase their spend delegated to content marketing.

Now not only is the financial aspect of investing in your content an important aspect of creation but so is the amount of time you need to invest to see results. Some key items that may take up a lot of your time are proper keyword research, content planning (what are you covering and why), writing the content, optimizing content, editing content, creating graphics, and promoting your content across different channels. Marketers are researching content marketing more and more, so with the increase in popularity, you will want to make sure that you are not behind the curve. In fact, check out the latest historical data from Google Trends below, regarding the upward shift in content marketing searches.

SEO Google Trends | Red Shark Digital

Personalize the Experience

The sad truth in 2019 is that users, especially millennials will not care about the content you are posting if the content is not personalized to them. There are many ways you can take your content personalization to the next level, but I’ll let the experts at Search Engine Journal fill you in on the latest and greatest methods to personalize your content. Back to the advocacy for personalization though, according to Evergage, 93% of marketers are using some form of personalization on at least one channel.

So why is personalized content important? Well, content personalization is key because one-way content is presented will not appeal to multiple different users. In fact, content personalization will give each user a different variation of the content based on the actions they take online to reach your website.

Blogging Can’t Be Everything

So, as we all know, blogging is important for content marketing but truth be told, it is not the end game when it comes to content marketing. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is an awesome tactic to utilize, however, we are now living in a dynamic, experienced-based digital landscape and sticking to just blogs isn’t going to cut it.

When you focus on only blogging you ignore a huge portion of online users who prefer other forms of content such as video and audio. Personally, I am one of those users. I rarely interact with content that requires me to read what feels like a never-ending blog article - especially when can scroll through my newsfeed and watch videos highlighting the same content in a more enjoyable format. With that being said, if you are only blogging, then you must get on other forms of content, even if it just creating a YouTube channel where you make visual forms of your content.

Trends & Moving Forward

As content marketing continues to evolve, these trends are a great basis to get started. But let’s be honest, with the way Google updates its algorithm, they could throw us a solid curveball next week that would change everything. Stay tuned to our blog for all of the SEO Greenville NC news to make sure that you don’t miss your next opportunity to increase your organic website traffic.

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