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How-Tos: A Thing of the Present

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How-Tos: A Thing of the Present

Abby Costello

When is the last time you searched Google to figure out how to do something? For me, it was just this morning. Twice. And it’s only 9:30am. This morning, I searched “How to edit titles and metas in Webflow” as well as “How to search through a pulse on Monday,” our project management tool that we use here at the office. If I have already searched a how-to twice in the hour that I’ve been in the office, imagine how many people have done so across the world.

My point here is that how-to content will always be a thing of the present. People will always need to know how to do things, and learning how to do something by teaching yourself from a YouTube tutorial or blog post is empowering. Here’s how you can incorporate how-to content in your strategies for digital marketing Greenville NC:

Find Opportunities

Depending on your brand, you may have how-to content ready to publish day after day. Here at Red Shark Digital, a digital marketing Greenville NC agency, we post Photoshop how-tos regularly on our Facebook and Instagram. If you are struggling to discover what your audience wants to learn, ask them! Create a poll on social media or send out a survey to your email subscribers. Asking your audience what they want to see, and then making it happen, will surely prove to be effective. If your business consistently receives similar questions about certain topics, create some how-tos based on those questions for customers to refer back to.

Get Creative

While it is true that someone else may have beat you to the punch with a how-to content piece that you had in mind, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still execute it, and even do it better. This means going the extra mile to make your content stand out among the others. Start by researching what currently exists for the topic in mind, then critique it. How could it be better? Take notes and keep those pointers in mind when creating your own how-to content. Go above and beyond to make your content unique; save any inspiration that you come across so you can pull from it each time you create.

Take what you learn from your research and inspiration to develop a content strategy for posting how-tos, whether it be videos, carousels, blogs, etc. If you need assistance, reach out to Red Shark Digital, digital marketing Greenville NC.

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