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How to Use SEO to Rank on Youtube

November 12, 2021
May 17, 2023

How to Use SEO to Rank on Youtube

Red Shark Digital

YouTube is being utilized more and more every day by digital marketing agencies Raleigh NC. YouTube ranks second to Google on Alexa for global engagement. With over two billion active users, how do you get good rankings? Keywords.

Seed Keywords

Beginning with choosing a seed keyword. Digital marketing agencies define a seed keyword as a highly competitive one- to three-word keyword. This is typically what a user will search for. A tip for choosing seed keywords is to type the subject into the YouTube search and make note of what is automatically suggested. YouTube practically gives you a list of keywords to choose from that you can then use for SEO targeting.

Next, use Google to check the competition of the keyword you have chosen. A digital marketing agency Raleigh NC, such as Red Shark Digital, recommends typing in “ keyword here” into Google Search. Make sure to add the former and latter spaces between the link and the keyword you have chosen. The number of results presented will determine the number of videos that are targeting the same keyword. Also, search only your chosen keyword on Google to identify the video results. If the video results are near the top, then this opens the opportunity for your YouTube video to get traffic on Google as well.

Four Keyword Elements to Set Up

  1. Create a title that is keyword rich and contains 65 to 70 characters. The title should grab the audience’s attention and concisely describe the video. The title is the first visual of the video that an audience sees, so make sure it provides a compelling reason to click.
  2. Second to seeing the title is seeing the thumbnail image. Digital marketing agencies  recommend this for including a snapshot of the content within the video and to reiterate keywords and/or the title.
  3. The description box is a tool to utilize for keyword research. It should include a description of the video with the use of keywords. Additionally, a link to your website and related videos should be included.
  4. YouTube has a specific location for keywords to be placed, also known as tags. Relevant keywords should be added to this section for optimization.

As you can tell, you do not need any high tech tools to find great keywords on Youtube. In only a few easy steps, you can utilize SEO targeting similarly to digital marketing agencies in Raleigh, NC.

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