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How to Master SEO Raleigh NC Content Strategy in Google's Updated Algorithm

November 30, 2021
May 1, 2023

How to Master SEO Raleigh NC Content Strategy in Google's Updated Algorithm

Erin Porter

SEO has always been a competitive field. However, the game has changed, and so has today's average consumer. SEO requires having an allowance for change in strategy, expectations, and habits. Red Shark Digital, the leader in SEO Raleigh NC, will be sharing some tips with you on how to master Google's algorithm so that you can boost engagement and site visits. Follow along to learn useful tips on writing competitive SEO blogs!

Blog Content - Helping Your Readers Solve a Problem

Some of the most common Google searches are in the form of a question. Questions need answers! Performing basic keyword research and writing content based on those specific phrases just won't cut it anymore. Solving a consumer's problem is one of the easiest ways to get the reader to stay on your site longer, share the content, and return to your site at a later time. SEO Raleigh NC experts suggest adding in supplemental content that will enhance the reader's experience. This can be in the form of infographics, gifs, and other media that will truly aid your writing in helping the reader solve their problem.

Headline Writing - Intentional and To the Point

If you're like me, I don't usually title my work until I've completed the blog! This is totally up to your preference and writing flow. However, one thing that writers should do, no matter how they write, is come up with a headline that adds value and attraction to the blog. Here's a guideline of do's and don'ts that might help when it comes to brainstorming for your headline:

  • DO: create an attractive headline
  • DO: evoke curiosity in readers
  • DO: write a headline that adds value to your content
  • DON'T: create wordy headlines
  • DON'T: try to make keywords fit in the headlines if it doesn't flow
  • DON'T: create clickbait-y headlines that let the reader down

Nailing down a solid headline will evoke more readers and boost clicks into the blog. Be honest with your readers! If there is a section of the blog that you would like to highlight, this is the time to bring it out!

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords - Your Topic Should Reflect Your Keyword Usage

With the advanced tools that SEO Raleigh NC experts at Red Shark Digital has for keyword research, we can select specific keywords tailored to a client's services and products. Formulating blogs around the keywords with the highest significant search volume is key to ranking higher on the SERP. Your keywords should be related to the topic that you're writing about! This may mean selecting words with a higher keyword difficulty score. However, SEO Raleigh NC marketing experts are skilled with the latest SEO and digital marketing strategies to create successful plans and SMART Goals to take your site to the top!

Look at What Your High-Ranking Competitors Are Doing

When you've found your blog topic, conduct a quick google search on the topic. Analyze what competitors that are ranking highly on the SERP are doing with their content, and take note of that! Next, go to the third or fourth page of Google and see what lower-ranking competitors aren't doing. Now, what we don't mean is copy the competitor's content. SEO Raleigh NC marketing experts at Red Shark Digital suggest taking note of what high-ranking competitors are doing that the lower-ranking competitors aren't, and go above and beyond in your own content!

Don't Waste your Readers' Time

No one enjoys having their time wasted on a blog that gave them either murky, unstructured advice or providing them with obvious advice that they could use their own common sense to come up with. Offer practical advice that encourages readers to go out and practice their skills with the advice that you gave them! Not only does this leave readers feeling inspired, but it may also boost traffic and shares, along with future page visits from readers who have received useful advice from past content.

Being Intentional with Internal Link Usage

When utilizing internal linking strategies, it's important to remember to use internal links where they fit. Avoid excessive usage when optimizing internal linkage. Add links that add value to your blog. When cluttering the content with internal links, it may come off as more showy, which isn't what readers want from the content. Instead, use fewer links that directly relate to your blog and support the content that you're writing with services that your business can provide to readers. If this means only linking three or four times in a blog where you can fit eight to ten keywords in your text, this is okay! Do what makes sense for the content that you're writing.

Optimize Basic SEO Components

Don't get lazy! When it comes time to post your content, make sure that you're optimizing as many SEO components as you can to boost site traffic. From metadata and title tags to image alt texts and even URL structures, ensure that you are correctly performing basic SEO functions that can make or break your SEO success.

Wrapping Up | Red Shark Digital

Did you hang in there? We know, it's a lot! There are so many different strategies that you can use to boost your business. Learning strategy takes time, especially in a field where the platforms and channels we use change daily! That's why the SEO Raleigh NC leaders at Red Shark Digital are here to work tirelessly to create intentional content that will boost your site's traffic and engagement. For more information on our SEO services, visit our website or contact us today. We'd love to work with you!

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