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How To: Grow Your Business with a Discovery Campaign

November 12, 2021
May 17, 2023

How To: Grow Your Business with a Discovery Campaign

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Move over Facebook, Google is ready to try and take some of your advertisers! When it comes to managing your digital marketing Raleigh NC, you may think of Google and Facebook being king when it comes to online advertising, but now Google is taking a stab at trying to steal some advertisers from Facebook. If you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering how in the world is Google going to try and hone in on Facebook’s market of advertisers. Well Google thinks they’ve found the solution: discovery campaigns. Google introduced the discover ads last year, but the feature was just recently released worldwide to all advertisers. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but will instead relay you to Google to learn more about what the discovery ads are (but please, open in a new tab and come back as I’m going to tell you how to use this cool new feature to grow your business in just 4 easy steps!)

Creative is CRITICAL

When it comes to the creative that you use in your discover ads, you have to understand that a flawed creative will directly result in flawed campaign results, which is something none of us want to see. Here are 4 tips for having the best creative possible.

  1. Use high-quality images that will help a user identify with your brand. These images should be captivating, while also meeting a minimum of 1200x628 and 1200x1200 in size. Using these sizes will allow you to ensure your creative works, and can be scaled down for any placement.
  2. Utilize all ad placement opportunities such as single image and carousel. These campaigns are designed to showcase the one that gets the best response rate so having options for the AI to pull from is always important.
  3. Having actionable and informative headlines and descriptions will go a long way when it comes to getting those sought after conversions. Another thing to keep in mind when writing the headline is to only capitalize the first word and proper nouns in your headlines and descriptions so that your ad will read naturally.
  4. Ensure language consistency. If you are working to craft a campaign to speakers of a particular language, do us all a favor and make sure that language is prevalent in the ad copy, the landing page, and in the imagery used,

Revolutionize Your Reach

Now that you have fire creative, it is time to make sure you have taken your reach to radical new heights. If you aren’t following these three tips when setting up and optimizing your campaign, your reach is likely never going to hit its full potential.

  1. Focus your Discover ads on audiences that are most likely to convert for your business based on your current performance in  Search, Video, and Display campaigns that you have been running. When doing so, we also recommend you utilize Custom Intent audiences, as well as remarketing, and customer match to hone in on the perfect audience every single time!
  2. Look into your search campaigns you have ran in the past or are currently running. From there, pick ten keywords that you can bring into your new campaign. The data between Discover ads is almost always reflective of the other Google ad types you can select from.
  3. Google offers audience expansion and automated targeting  for a reason. USE THIS FEATURE.

Beneficial Budgeting

Budget is always a popular topic with clients across any campaign, but especially for discover campaigns. Your budget should be reflective of at least ten times the value of your cost per action! Once this is set up, you need to wait until at least 40 conversions have taken place before tweaking campaign settings. Then if you do make changes, you will need to wait an additional 2 - 3 weeks before changing anything else. Discover campaigns run best when there is data to base things off of. As will all digital marketing campaigns, don’t get discouraged and continually manipulate your campaign or you will never see an ROI.

Maniacal Monitoring

When it comes to basing the performance of your discover campaigns, I recommend you look at data like a maniac. As mentioned above, data is the key to a successful campaign and the more you have and the more you interpret, the better your campaign will be. Some quick tips for measuring performance are:

  1. Ensure tags and pixels are placed properly for conversion tracking.
  2. Utilize the audience insights features Google provides! This will allow you to understand what is and isn’t working based on the audience that you are attracting.
  3. Monitor your reporting at the creative level and truly strive to understand if your creative is working and why.

Dive in to Discover Digital Marketing Raleigh NC

Now that you have these tips in your arsenal, get online and start marketing your business in Raleigh NC with discover ads! For more information or any other questions regarding digital marketing Raleigh NC, contact us  today!

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