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How Google Profile Attributes Aid Local SEO Services

May 9, 2022
May 1, 2023

How Google Profile Attributes Aid Local SEO Services

Red Shark Digital

Local SEO services comprise optimization efforts from several different sources. One of the most popular sources of local SEO services contribution is Google Business Profiles or GBPs. These profiles allow you to add attribute tags to your company description that allow you to aptly relay to the consumer what they can expect from your business.

What are Attributes Tags?

These attribute tags span an incredibly broad range of topics, as they aim to provide business owners the most customization possible in regards to their profile. As a result of their breadth, not all attributes are available to all business types. If your business lists as a restaurant, different tags will be available than if you list as a hotel or bed and breakfast. Regardless, these attributes, in turn, create an easier search experience for consumers. The attributes are divided into two categories, Factual and Subjective.Google sources subjective attributes through descriptors, such as reviews. SEO service Greenville NC agencies base subjective tags on experience, hence the name. Whether your company is cozy, kid-friendly, or good for groups, subjective descriptors will house all of those tags.Businesses assign factual attributes, which are descriptors of what the business does. The Search Engine Journal describes these tags as proactive answers to common questions. Some examples of popular factual tags may be handicap accessible, woman-owned, free wifi, and, a new addition to the attribute list, recycling. Some tags can break down even further, in order to give results more accurately. For example, the recycling tag can be broken down into specific recyclable items at that location. All of these tags are factual and are independent of external thought and opinion, no matter their specificity.

How do Tags Help Local SEO Services?

These tags can help local SEO services by clearly relaying to google what the company is. These tags are an opportunity for you to tell Google exactly what your company is and does. This results in a higher ranking for more targeted searches. These searches will typically appear in the manner of keywords with a brief modifier. As someone searches for "accessible playgrounds near me" for a child with special needs or "battery recycling in Greenville," applicable tags rank higher. This results in more click-throughs for the business and a more-enjoyable search for the consumer. Additionally, these tags appear in Google map searches in the form of small icons above the business location. This means that tags show consumers that your business is applicable to modified map searches.

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