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Growing Your CBD Advertising & Website

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Growing Your CBD Advertising & Website

Red Shark Digital

If you're looking for help with branding, CBD advertising, and web development for your CBD company, Red Shark Digital has you covered. Here's an example of what we did for Sprightly CBD and how the same CBD advertising processes could help you achieve a website for your own brand that has the exact look and usability that you want.

Webflow and Figma

Red Shark Digital helped Sprightly CBD by using a web design tool called Webflow as well as a collaboration software called Figma. These tools made it possible for Red Shark Digital to create an integrated user experience for those potential customers interested in CBD and hemp browsing the Sprightly website.

This approach is why everything looks so smooth and professional on the Sprightly site, and it's the same approach they'd use for any CBD site that wants a strong design to showcase their products and CBD advertising.

Web Design Update

In the case of Sprightly, it was created in WordPress almost completely. The design wasn't eye-catching at all. It failed to properly showcase the strong appeal of the product. The major redesign by Red Shark Digital using Webflow made everything pop a lot more.

Personal Customization

It also made it so that it's much easier for the company's employees, owners, or other personnel to alter the site however they want, whenever they want.

For example, it's now much easier for Sprightly to add and update product items on their own whenever they want. For Sprightly, this included items like their 1200 mg CBD Oil, complete with a lifestyle picture of the item itself.

It also included details like a rich background, the price, and all other data relevant to the customer. After the redesign, it was then easy for Sprightly to change any of the text details about the product at any time if the CBD company had made any kind of shift. This includes details like price and milligram amount as well as the copy description.

One of the reasons why this became easier is due to the fact that the redesign had made the format clean, organized, and easy to read.

Another advantage to Webflow exhibited here is that it's extremely easy to add a video to whatever product page that you want. This is important since, according to some statistics, videos will make up over 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022, which is a boost of 15 times compared to 2017.

All of this is to say that videos are becoming more and more important to selling anything on the internet, including hemp, and a Webflow redesign will make it easier than ever to add attractive videos in the perfect way to your site.

People tend to appreciate seeing the practical application of products, especially when it comes to CBD oil. This means that CBD advertising videos that show people using CBD oil or other hemp products in everyday situations through video will be more likely to have a positive reaction to them.

If they can see others using it to bake the oil into pastries or other situations, like just adding it to coffee, they can also more easily imagine themselves doing it as well. That is the power of video, and that's the power of Webflow, making adding videos that easy.

Enhanced User Experience

Another aspect of the redesign that Red Shark Digital was able to achieve for Sprightly involves improving things from the user experience side. Improving the layout to include more whitespace to make product pages easier on the eye, for example, makes for a more pleasant experience.

Users who find web pages easier on the eye and more fun to browse through will tend to make more purchases. A redesign that always keeps the user in mind will tend to make for more positive results for all interested parties.

It also helps to make a site more inviting and professional, which can only serve to make people respect your brand more and buy your products more frequently.

Compatible Mobile Optimization

Another big improvement that Red Shark Digital helped Sprightly with is optimizing their CBD advertising site for mobile devices.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. It's been estimated that there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, which has been accelerating for years. This means that by optimizing your site for any mobile device that connects to it, you'll be adding the possibility for many more customers from all over the world.

After all, the demand for hemp and CBD products has been increasing worldwide for a while now as well, and they are using mobile devices more and more, so optimization is key. Optimization is especially important since the Internet crowd is often fickle. If they visit your site with a particular mobile device that has compatibility issues and everything just doesn't work right, they will likely leave immediately.

Many Internet users will leave over any little thing, like a home page taking more than a few seconds to load or any other little error.

That's how important compatibility and optimization is for mobile devices. It will likely open up many opportunities for you that those who don't have optimized sites will miss out on, due to awkward displays.

Animation Functionality

Webflow software also makes it easy to add any animation you want to your website. This is one of those things that helps give your website character and you can even have quick, simple animations that help people remember your brand. It can be as simple as a sprouting hemp leaf or just the name of your brand moving across the screen.

It's these little touches that help cement your brand in people's minds so that they are more likely to come back and even associate your brand with the CBD products you want, depending on how exactly you do it.

Font Upgrades

Not all fonts are created equal, and some fonts are much easier to read than others. It's important to maximize fonts to have a modern look and to be easier to read than standard ones. This goes back to the whole minor inconvenience concept.

Due to the fact that there are so many possibilities for getting what you want on the Internet, any small inconvenience can turn people off. This could be in the form of a web page that takes too long to load, a compatibility issue that makes screens too small or askew on the screen, or it could be simply in the form of a font that's too hard to read.

A web redesign using Webflow and Red Shark Digital can help make sure that everything you put out there remains enjoyable and easy to read according to the modern trend and the aesthetic of your site.

Animated Scrolling

Creative scrolling animations can also go a long way to making a site enjoyable and engaging to read. It also often helps with helping your brand stand apart from others trying to do something similar to you. There will be other hemp and CBD brands out there trying to market to a similar demographic to your own with their CBD advertising.

Getting a redesign that has elements appearing or moving as you scroll down a page can give you the advantage you need in terms of creating a positive experience for the user. If you incorporate your brand in some way with the scroll, this can also help them remember you for the next time that they need a product like CBD to enhance their wellness and increase tranquility.

Call to Action Hovers

The CTA, or call to action, part of your website is easily going to be one of the most important aspects that you have to create. Instead of having a traditional CTA at the bottom of your screen that just urges people to buy a product, having something more dynamic can definitely give you a competitive advantage.

Hovers mean that when users "hover" or just put their cursor over an area that you choose, text can appear on their screen. This could be a call to action like a link, phone number, email, or anything else you want. It's a way to get the attention of your users.

On the Internet, getting people's attention is often half the battle. They will then be more likely to click on what you want them to click on out of curiosity, getting them closer to checking out and buying your products.

Getting Started

Getting a website redesign can have a huge effect on your brand and how effective it is at reaching and persuading your potential customers.

If you want to find out more about how you can grow your own CBD brand with CBD advertising and benefit from the many advantages involved in a potential web design upgrade, please don't hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The quicker you contact us, the quicker we can get started making sure your website has every advantage related to modern web design including hovers, scroll animations, easy video and text uploads, and a more professional and inviting layout among many other possibilities.

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