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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Google My Business Listing

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Google My Business Listing

Red Shark Digital

When it comes to digital marketing Greenville NC, Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways to date to boost your business’ SEO and online visibility - and the best part is IT’S FREE. Here at Red Shark Digital advertising agency, we encourage all of our clients to utilize this tool by creating new content to post every 7 days to increase the clients’ online presence. Through your GMB profile, potential clients can not only see your businesses contact info, but they can also see photos of your business, read online reviews, find a description about your company, complete transactions like booking an appointment, learn about current special and promotions, and see other info that grabs their attention - all without them even visiting your website.

GMB Features

Using Google platforms for digital marketing in Greenville NC is so popular because of how user friendly it is. At Red Shark Digital advertising agency we utilize GMB for its Post Feature more than anything else. It’s the most powerful function in our opinion because it instantly grabs a searcher’s attention, like a mini ad for your company, products, or services. There are four types of posts you can create: What’s New, Event, Offer, or Product. A “call to action” (CTA) button is then used to influence searchers to interact with your post: Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, or Call Now. Posts should always use a combination of text, an image, and a CTA to benefit your company. A Post shows in your GMB profile when someone searches for your business’s name on Google or views your business’ Google My Business profile on Google Maps. Once Posts are created, they can then be shared on your social media channels as well to get even more exposure. Red Shark Digital advertising agency believes that GMB Posts are an easy way to show off your business in a unique way at the exact time that a searcher is looking at your business online.

GMB Insights

Within Google My Business, business owners or digital advertising agencies, like Red Shark Digital, are provided Insights, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how your customers interact with your GMB Posts. The provided customer engagement data derived from your GMB Posts includes how many views your listing had, how and where customers found your listings, the actions customers took after finding your listings, and other interaction customers may have had with your listing. Customers can come to you Directly, meaning they search for your particular business by name, they can come to you through Discovery, meaning they found you by searching for a particular category, product, or service, or they can come to you through Branded, meaning they found you searching for a brand that is related to your business. Colorful, detailed charts are also provided that show you exactly where customers viewed your business - either through search or through Google Maps, as well as the customer’s actions once they find you - whether they visit your website, request directions, or call you.

GMB & Digital Marketing Greenville NC

When working with digital marketing Greenville NC, utilizing Google My Business is essential to accentuate your online presence and improve brand awareness. Following these tips from Red Shark Digital, a premier digital advertising agency and marketing firm, will definitely help your business grow its customer base in the most user-friendly way possible. Contact us today to get started!

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