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GAPMA: Property Managers Association Webflow Website

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

GAPMA: Property Managers Association Webflow Website

Abby Costello

One of Red Shark Digital’s latest projects, Greenville Area Property Managers Association (GAPMA), is a Webflow website that provides resources for members of the association, including property managers, vendors, and non-profits, as well as for those who wish to become a member.

Check out the GAPMA website!

GAPMA’s previous website was extremely outdated and the entirety of the site was hard-coded, allowing no manual editing by its owners. Their Member/Vendor Directory was static and uneditable, and the Member/Vendor Application did not have the functionality to be filled out and submitted. GAPMA wanted a complete website rebuild to allow for ease of editing as well as an easily accessible calendar of meetings and events to be shared with their members.

Red Shark Digital succeeded in fulfilling GAPMA’s desires on a 4-week timeline by building the new site on Webflow, using Webflow CMS and foundational Webflow SEO. The new site is clean, easily navigable, and professional. It was a pleasure working with GAPMA on this project!

Team Members Involved:

Design: Spencer Bunting

Development: Mike Fenwick

Copywriting & Content Management: Abby McVeigh

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