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Beat the Summer Heat With These Cool Webflow Websites

June 12, 2022
May 1, 2023

Beat the Summer Heat With These Cool Webflow Websites

Mike Fenwick

It’s Summer and things are heating up around RSD, the leading Webflow design company in North Carolina! New projects are coming in and we are staying busy as hell!  As we take on new projects we wanted to recap some of our best Webflow websites of the past. Check out some of our award winning projects!

Restoring Another Waterway in Award Winning Fashion.

We Have a Winner!

In March 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our agency held a free website giveaway for one lucky small business. During a time when the world stood still and brick-and-mortar storefronts saw a sudden halt in foot traffic, our Webflow design company was ecstatic to build a brand new eCommerce website to allow the winner to begin selling their products online.

A Website For A Cause

The R.A.W. Plastics team won the giveaway contest, and the great cause behind the business made us even more excited to begin the project. R.A.W. Plastics focuses on raising plastic pollution awareness and repurposing plastic waste through community environment clean-ups. The small business was using Facebook and Instagram to sell their products, typically taking orders through direct messages. Community clean-ups and pick-ups were also organized through Facebook and Instagram.

Ecommerce Webflow Website Build

To satisfy the need for both eCommerce and scheduling for community clean-ups/pick-ups, the Red Shark Digital team worked within a 6-week timeline to create a best Webflow websites with a convenient CMS for managing content, products, orders, etc. A contact form was added to the site with a “Reason for Contacting” option, where users can select whether they are contacting to order a custom product, join a clean-up, get involved, or just say hello. The new eCommerce Webflow website accentuates R.A.W.’s purpose with waterway maps as backgrounds along with a large hero video of relevant footage. Photos of the repurposing process are featured across the site, including cleanups, sorting and shredding, and the final products.

Strong Commitment to Quality Service

Quality Service for 75 Years

Red Shark Digital worked in partnership with Viamark Advertising to redesign for Joseph Frederick & Sons, a plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services company that was founded in 1947. With a strong emphasis on customer service and professional results, Joseph Frederick & Sons was searching for a fresh redesign without sacrificing their small-business roots.

Dedicated Professionals

On the homepage, users can learn more about Joseph Frederick & Sons’ services, history, and different service areas throughout Delaware. Each service navigates users to individual service landing pages where they can learn more about the specifics of Joseph Frederick & Sons’ scope of amenities.

Clean Look for Spotless Service

The new site nicely displays each service across the home page, using photos and icons for more visual recognition. These icons are used consistently across the site as well. The navigation menu includes photos for each service, a unique change from the typical text dropdowns. Each service's page offers useful information in an easy-to-read layout, with containers and sections that separate the content. Overall, the Webflow website rebuild gave the Joseph Frederick & Sons site a whole new, modern look and feel, placing it among the best Webflow websites.

Guiding Your Path to Mental Wellness

Mental Health Matters

Pathways to Life, Inc. is a local organization that helps individuals and families achieve wellness. We were approached by Pathways to Life to create a more functional, attractive website that would feel welcoming to both current and potential clients. As a business with a focus on mental health, it was important to Red Shark Digital, the leading Webflow design company, to let those values shine through and make all information easily accessible through a Webflow website rebuild.

Keep It Consistent

The previous logo and website were built and launched in September of 2016. The old site did the job, but it was difficult to navigate through the available services. They were categorized by location rather than displayed together, which felt inconsistent. Overall, it was outdated and did not accurately represent what they have to offer.

Branding Refresh and Website Rebuild

When Pathways to Life came to us in need of a brand and marketing refresh, our Webflow design company was eager to get started. We always recommend revisiting a brand and web presence at the foundational level every three to five years, and Pathways to Life fell right in the middle of that timeline. With the pandemic impacting businesses more and more each day during this time, their site was becoming increasingly important on the list of priorities as the company needed to educate clients on their Telehealth and Virtual Care services. The timeline for branding was four weeks, allowing us to create a much more modern logo. On an 8-week timeline for the rebuild, we designed the new site to flow more easily by removing the conventional, structural designs. This Webflow website rebuild offered us ease of access to editing content rather than a separate WordPress dashboard like the previous site had. Our Webflow design company is grateful to have had the opportunity to rebuild a site into one of the best Webflow websites focused on helping others.

Transforming Lives Within the Community and Beyond

Sharing Success Stories

Red Shark Digital launched a brand new website for Community Crossroads Center, Pitt County's emergency shelter. Community Crossroads Center's mission is "Transforming lives to end homelessness in our community one person at a time." With such an important mission, the emergency shelter needed the best Webflow websites that made it easy for people to donate and learn more about the shelter and its values.

Building Community Through Accessibility

While their mission includes providing immediate help to community members in need, their goal is to provide each person who enters their doors with a long-term plan that leads to self-sufficiency and independence. Accessibility and readability were key components to this site that support that mission. The homepage features a sleek, clean font, organized content, a census counter, and a donation thermometer widget. Important information regarding the shelter’s numbers and community involvement are prominently displayed for reputability. As users scroll, responsive Call to Action features appear for those looking to get involved.

Making An Impact

Partner spotlights are featured at the bottom of the homepage to highlight contributions made by fellow businesses within the community. Users can sign up for Community Crossroads Center’s newsletter, which sends important updates involving events, volunteer opportunities, and more. Donations can be made directly on the site for easily accessible methods of contribution.

Full Steam Ahead!

These are just a few of the best Webflow websites that we love. As the Summer heats up there are no plans on slowing down! Interested in working with us? Contact Red Shark Digital, the leading Webflow design company, today to begin your Webflow Website project!

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