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Why Traditional SEO Won't Work for Google Local Search

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Why Traditional SEO Won't Work for Google Local Search

Alaina Corsini

Business owners should celebrate the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) has lost ground to content marketing. Here's why.

SEO is still relevant today, but it's decidedly different from traditional SEO. Traditional SEO was all about adding your keywords as many times as you could in your content. The idea was that this would improve your page rank.

Well, Google didn't like that very much. In fact, Google found out that many businesses were just spamming key words to get a good page rank. The search engine put a stop to traditional SEO, and content marketing emerged from its ashes.

And that's good for business owners. If you want to invest more in digital marketing, then you don't have to learn about complicated algorithms and keyword rules. Content marketing is more straight-forward. Rather than spamming keywords for Google local search, for example, it's more important to update your local information and check for accuracy.

And this practice actually benefits your business. According to a recent Forbes article, content marketing is better because it actually improves your marketing efforts instead of just following technical rules:

"This is great for business owners, because instead of squandering time trying to stuff keywords into onsite and offsite content posts, they can simply improve their business from the ground up and see the benefits in search results. The level of satisfaction you provide to your real-life customers now has a substantial impact on how easily new customers can find you—and that impact is likely to grow with new Google updates."

When you provide directions on your website for Google local search, for example, it doesn't just improve your page rank, but also your website. You're making it easier for prospective customers to find your business. This is an actual improvement in your marketing efforts, unlike traditional SEO tactics.

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