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What Your Logo Color Says About You

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What Your Logo Color Says About You

Red Shark Digital

When it comes to marketing yourself or your business, branding is one of the most important things to consider. If you are lacking a brand identity, no amount of paid or organic marketing is going to truly help you. When you think about branding, what is the first thing you think of? For me, it's logo design Raleigh NC . A logo can tell you everything you need to know about a brand before ever interacting with them and a lot of it comes in to play in your subconscious mind. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re likely either looking for logo design in Raleigh NC or you are wondering if your logo is effectively serving its purpose.Logo designs are the biggest visual representation of your brand; it’s what consumers identify first and usually the first thing they remember when thinking about your brand. Not all logo designs will work for all businesses though, which is why there are a variety of different types of logos. I won’t touch on the types of logos here since Christian has you covered in his blog, instead, I am going to touch on what the color of your logo says about your brand!I bet you didn’t know that when it comes to logo design, you may need to break out the ole psychology book to ensure the best logo for your business. That’s because in our psyches, we actually associate particular colors with certain emotions (cue Colors by Halsey). No one knows your brand better than you, so keep reading to find out if your logo colors are accurately defining your business.

Red (also the name of Taylor Swift’s iconic 2012 album)

Do you want to be known for your strength, power, and passion? If so, then red may be the color to incorporate into your logo design Raleigh NC. You see red in so many logos across multiple verticals, but some of the most popular industries that incorporate red into their logos are healthcare, restaurants, financial, and the legal industry. For restaurants, red is supposed to stimulate your appetite and desire at the same time. (Is that why everytime I see a Chick-Fil-A ad, I’m suddenly craving nuggets?) When it comes to the medical industry, red has been adopted by almost all hospitals, urgent cares, and doctor’s offices to show that if you need medical assistance and strength, you’re at the right place.

Orange (not to be confused with Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange)

Orange Logo | Red Shark Digital

Orange falls in between yellow and red on the color wheel (just in case you didn’t pay attention in art class)! I haven’t touched on yellow yet, but spoiler alert, yellow signifies happiness. Orange is the combination of red and yellow, meaning that orange is the combination of both strength and happiness. Some of the brands you will see use orange in their logos are OrangeTheory Fitness (this one didn’t work on my psyche, still not going to enjoy working out), HubSpot, Firefox, and Home Depot (I’m sure everyone has seen their fair share of Home Depot during 2020). These companies are easily identifiable because of their orange logos and the strength and happiness they display (except maybe Firefox, everyone knows Chrome is where it’s at).

They were all YELLOW (Coldplay, duh)

Yellow Logo | Red Shark Digital

As mentioned with orange, yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, optimism, and clarity. If your brand’s mission is to inspire and create happiness for your customers, then yellow is your color for logo design Raleigh NC! Many restaurants, retail stores, and techies include yellow in their logos. Ikea, Best Buy, and Snapchat all have yellow logos. The goal is to draw the customer’s eye to their brand name instead of their competitors' (and also to cause a feeling of joy to associate with the brand). Since yellow is such a bold color, it is also perfect if you are in a competitive market and need to be noticed first!

I’m BLUE (Da Ba Dee)

Blue Logo | Red Shark Digital

If you’re a nineties baby, I probably don’t need to elaborate on what blue signifies- no, I actually do. Despite blue always being associated with sadness, having blue in your logo can signify trust, cleanliness, freedom, and intelligence! Blue is even known to be a relaxing color in most uses, which is why many spas use blue in their logos! There are so many iconic blue logos - Twitter, Facebook, AT&T, Samsung, the list goes on. A good thing to note is that blue never goes out of style (another T. Swift reference, yes).

Only Want to See You Laughing in the PURPLE Rain

Purple Logo | Red Shark Digital

Not just Prince’s signature color, purple when used in a logo symbolizes royalty, peace, luxury, and ambition. That’s probably why Prince used it, now that I think about it. Because purple falls between red and blue on the color wheel, it can be identified to represent both power and peace simultaneously. Two of the most popular logos I associate with purple are Casper and Yahoo! If you are looking to brand your business as a luxury, consider purple for your logo options.

Green (Day)

Green Logo | Red Shark Digital

When you think of green, what comes to mind? Likely what comes to mind is nature, growth, freshness, and renewal. If not, then seriously, comment below and tell me what you think, I’m interested to know. Green is one of the most popular colors in logo designs due to its versatility! One of the most famous green logos is Starbucks, which makes sense. I feel pretty renewed after my second cup of coffee of the day. (One doesn’t cut it in 2020). If you are looking to represent a new beginning for your customers then green is the way to go!

Pink (Not P!nk - She is a Rockstar Though)

Pink Logo | Red Shark Digital

Pink is one of the colors you don’t see typically used as the primary color in a logo or branding in general for that matter. Pink often represents youth and friendship and makes a perfect accent color, especially when paired with other strong colors. Some of the biggest brands that do use pink in their logo are Barbie (because she’s your friend), Lyft, and Vineyard Vines!If you are going to use pink in your logo, be sure to pair it with darker colors for the best visually appealing design.

Logo Design Raleigh NC

If color theory and logotypes seem like more than you want to get into, then contact RSD today, digital marketing agency Raleigh NC! We offer a full branding package and can help you take your branding to the next level in no time!