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The Basics in Logo Design Raleigh NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

The Basics in Logo Design Raleigh NC

Red Shark Digital

Although many people may believe that a business logo is inconsequential in marketing efforts, our digital marketing agency Raleigh knows better. A company’s logo builds brand awareness and helps them stand out from competitors. A logo is often what consumers notice about your brand at a first glance, so it must leave a long-lasting impression. Our team at Red Shark, specialists in logo design Raleigh NC, can design a logo for your new business or revamp the current one being used by your company. We understand the ins and outs of what makes a logo a good one, so that’s why we’re today sharing the basics of designing a compelling logo.

At A Glance

One thing you have to remember when designing a logo is that consumers probably aren’t going to look at it for long. Most likely, consumers will take a quick glance at your logo and unless it sparks their interest, they’ll look away in a matter of seconds. Therefore, you have to be able to communicate what you and your brand are all about concisely in your logo design. It may seem daunting to express an entire brand identity in one logo, but it actually comes down to two simple things: an icon and a tagline.

Be Iconic

Here at Red Shark digital marketing agency Raleigh, we’re all about being iconic, and we want your company’s logo to be, too! Think about McDonald’s logo; you would recognize it anywhere with its distinguished golden arches and “I’m lovin’ it” tagline. Their logo combines an icon that represents one of its best-selling products and a tagline that is catchy and easy to remember. An icon is essentially a visual that captures the overall idea behind your brand. Contrary to popular belief, an icon doesn’t have to be an image of exactly what your company offers. There’s no need to be too literal when designing your logo, in fact, abstract icons could potentially be a better representation of your company’s creativity. For instance, our digital marketing agency Raleigh could have chosen to make our logo a literal red shark, but we chose a shark fin instead to uniquely represent our cutting-edge digital marketing practices.

Tag, You’re It

Everyone knows that when you’re playing tag, someone chases after you, hits you, screams “Tag, you’re it,” and runs away. Well, with that sentiment in mind, your tagline should pack the same punch as the player in the tag game; you want it to hit consumers and leave them chasing after what your company has to offer. Your company’s tagline serves as an opportunity to showcase your company’s personality and express its creative side, all in just a few words. As your leaders in logo design Raleigh NC, our creative team at Red Shark emphasizes the importance of balance throughout your logo. Ideally, your tagline should be shorter than your business name so that your logo isn’t too crowded with text. Your company name is your first and foremost priority visually in your logo, so the font you choose for your tagline should be thinner or smaller than your company name. Also, your icon should be sized appropriately within your logo so that it’s equal in height to your text.

Red Shark Digital | Logo Design Raleigh NC

We know that designing the perfect logo for your company can be challenging, which is why our digital marketing agency Raleigh NC wants to help you! Red Shark Digital is dedicated to deeply getting to know our clients and their desired brand identities. We will create a custom logo design that clearly communicates your company goals and accurately represents your brand. Contact Red Shark today to inquire about our digital marketing services and distinguish your company from competitors.