Finding a Logo Design, Raleigh NC

A logo can make or break your business. It is the first impression people have of you and your business and is an essential part of communicating your brand. Whether you are just starting out or need to revamp a logo for the business you already have, stay tuned to learn about what you need in your logo design Raleigh.

Logo Types

Logo Types

The first step is to learn about the different types of logos. Each type will have the same general function of communicating your brand, but will all have slightly different specific functions. A word mark will be your business name. Using only the name will make the business name more recognizable while portraying confidence in the brand. A letter mark will be some simplified form of your business name, potentially with subtle graphics. This is a good option for companies with long or complicated names. It will be easier for viewers to remember the simplified version. A brand mark will be a symbol that represents your business without using the actual name. This is really effective for brands that want to appeal to a universal audience. A combination mark will contain both a graphic or symbol and the type. This combines the universal aspect of using a symbol, while still establishing the brand through the name. An emblem is a more traditional version of the combination mark that features the type around an emblem with symbols. This can make the brand seem more authoritative and trustworthy. Still confused about which logo design Raleigh you need?

What a Logo Needs:

A logo needs to be timeless, versatile, effective, and universal. Don’t get too trendy with your logo design Raleigh, because you don’t want to change your logo every few months. Following trends is a quick way to make your logo, and your brand, outdated. You want to make your business recognizable, so a long-standing logo will help your brand be recognized and seem more reliable. Versatility will also help your logo stay timeless. The more versatile your logo is, the more it can be implemented in different settings without edits. A way to maintain consistency is to create multiple versions of your logo that are the only versions you use. For example, you could have your full combination mark, just a brand mark or symbol, and then just a wordmark. All your bases will be covered for implementing your logo design Raleigh, you won’t have to worry about changing the original every time. Make sure your logo can scale to different sizes! Having a timeless and versatile logo won’t get you anywhere if it isn’t effective. You need a mark that incorporates aspects of your brand to communicate who you are and what your business does. Be literal with your marks, especially if you want to rely on just a brand mark without any text. Don’t incorporate too many details or viewers will get overwhelmed and miss the overall message of your brand. Lastly, your logo needs to be universal. With word marks, there will always be language barriers. However, you can communicate across language barriers with your brand marks. Symbols that effectively communicate your brand will open up your business to a wider audience. Contact Red Shark Digital to find out more about logo design Raleigh!