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No-Goes for Your Logos

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

No-Goes for Your Logos

Red Shark Digital

While a logo may seem to be just a small aspect of your branding strategy, it plays a significant role in your company’s overall success. Assembling the perfect logo can be tiring, and it may experience some trial and error, but we're here to help. Check out these top mistakes companies typically make while building their logos' so you know exactly where to begin and what to avoid along the way.

Unclear Intentions

Through precise design and placement, marketers are able to construct a logo that correctly portrays a company’s values and intentions through a small visual aid, creating an overall new visual identity. Underneath each and every logo there is an underlying sense of purpose that allows consumers to recognize your company and your company’s services immediately. For example, if your company is based on customer service, your logo needs to illustrate a trustworthy and tranquil brand through a welcoming logo implementing colors such as green or blue. Red Shark Digital specializes in branding and logo design to assist your company in correctly portraying its own visual identity. Red Shark Digital’s logo conveys an energetic, warm and powerful brand immediately seen through its bright red and white colors.

Driven by Trends

Trends are extremely important to recognize and stay up to date with, but they tend to dominate the design industry. It is not necessary for you to implement every new trend into your design. Trends will come and go for a reason, but your logo remains timeless. It will become impossible for your company to create its own identity and stand out among the rest if its logo resembles everyone else's. Steer clear of visual clichés and think back to your visual identity you created. What do you want your customer to feel when they see your logo for the first time?

Too Complex

While designing a logo, simplicity is essential. Two key words should be kept in mind at all times: versatility and memorability. It is imperative that your logo remains versatile at all times. Regardless of which media platform your logos being displayed, the meaning behind your logo must be conveyed clearly every time. Along with versatility, it should remain memorable as well. You want your customer to envision your company’s logo every single time your brand is mentioned. Therefore, your design must be easily comprehensible. Too much thrown into a logo will confuse the viewer and your brand identity will be lost. Logos were once solely considered to be designs and colors, but technology and branding in particular are larger now than ever. A unique logo is what differentiates your brand and your values from competitors, emphasizing why your company is unbeatable. Designing a logo while creating your brand strategy can be difficult. However, it is not impossible, especially with Red Shark Digital’s wide variety of services. Contact Red Shark Digital today to begin creating your own unsurpassable brand identity.