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Top 10 Ways You Can Better Your SEO Today!

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Top 10 Ways You Can Better Your SEO Today!

Alex Kettler

Search Engine Optimization can be a very complicated process, but there are some easy tips you can implement today to get ahead of your competitors. We’ve listed out our top ten for you below. Let us know what tips and tricks work well for you!

  • No keyword stuffing! Google is becoming increasingly advanced every day. The idea of planting some of your primary keywords within text onsite as many times as possible is no longer an effective strategy. and could yield in penalization.
  • Titles and Metas! There is no reason that all of your indexable text pages shouldn't have an appropriate title and meta that fits within the length requirements of Google.
  • External linking. What other websites link to yours on the web? Most businesses have some affiliation, whether it's with a local chamber of commerce, or a national affiliation. Use this to your advantage! google loves to see trustworthy, relevant links associated with your site.
  • Content Content Content. Does your website lack content or consist of thin/irrelevant content? This could be harming any SEO efforts you are making. Be sure to get some rich, unique content up on your site using your keywords and related long tail keywords.
  • Keyword Planner. Did you know Google Adwords offers a free keywords planner to anyone with an existing account? This is a great way to uncover what key terms people are searching when looking for businesses like yours. There may be words with less competition that you are not using that are easier to capitalize on.
SEO Google Reviews
  • Claiming your business on Google. Using Google My Business allows the company to create a Google Business page which is where you can accurately identify your location using maps, post general information about your business, and have a place for reviews. If your information on Google is wrong, it wouldn’t be surprising to be wrong in other locations.
  • Google Reviews. Having (positive) Google Reviews of your business is beneficial for getting your business recognized on Google for being top in your field/location. Also, Google Reviews are a strong draw for consumers to base their decision off of.
  • Robot Files. The "robots.txt" file provides instructions to web crawlers (a.k.a robots) of what pages, directories and files not should not be saved in their databases, as well as where the XML sitemap is located. It's important to have it set up to better guide the crawlers and also avoid content management pages and other non-relevant pages from showing up in search results. While there are good robots (Google, Bing, Yahoo and others), there are also bad robots (spammers and malwares) that ignore the robot.txt rules or actually use them to find what pages are hiding. For that reason, "robots.txt" should be used for SEO purposes, not security.
  • Constant Adjustments based off analytics and customer paths. This starts with understanding the way that customers experience your brand through a website as a whole, and ensure that everything flows together in a logical, meaningful, and obvious way. You want to ensure people that do visit your site (organically or not) can find the content they need and that they are effectively engaging with it. Ensuring customers find what they need promptly helps with your bounce rate, time on page, page views, and conversions.
  • Image Alt tags and Titles. Ensuring your images have the correct alt tags and titles allows them to be pulled during SEO crawls which pull on Google searches. If a person searches for an image and yours includes that keyword in the Alt Tag or Title, it will pull via Google.

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