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SEO for Healthcare: How Your Practice Can Rank Higher

August 21, 2022
May 1, 2023

SEO for Healthcare: How Your Practice Can Rank Higher

When it comes to SEO for healthcare, it is essential to have an internet marketing company Raleigh NC that validates your services. Many patients rely on a quick Google search to find the best nearby medical practice that accommodates their needs. If you have the right SEO strategy, your website will likely pop up at the top of the search, exposing it to patients looking for an experienced medical practice like yours. Read along as Red Shark Digital, leaders in SEO for healthcare, explains how to establish a digital presence for your healthcare practice.

Local SEO Raleigh

One of the most important steps to nailing SEO for healthcare is making sure you have a Google Business Profile that states that you are a local SEO Raleigh medical practice. This will help Google decide whether your business is relevant and makes it easier for your patients to find your practice when searching online. In fact, optimizing your Google profile is the first tactic that our agency utilizes in the optimization stage for our clients’ businesses.

Optimize Your Website

SEO for healthcare is not all about writing blogs as you may think. The success of your website has a lot to do with how Google determines your site’s relevance. Making small updates and improving the user experience on your website can significantly impact your SEO ranking. Make sure that your contact details are on the footer of your website since this is what Google will reference when generating the search. Generally speaking, your website must be:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Good page speed

Experts at our internet marketing company Raleigh NC can develop your website to make it user-friendly and SEO optimized.

Great Reviews Boost SEO for Healthcare

Reviews can make or break a business, especially regarding medical practices. Having testimonials from past and current patients on your website and Google profile is key to validating your business. As for SEO, Google ranks business sites with the most relevant information about the user’s search on the first page. This means the more reviews you have, the more visibility your site will have in Google's local SEO Raleigh ranking.

Focus on Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO for healthcare strategy. However, finding valuable keywords can be time-consuming. In order to make your practice ranks higher on Google, your keyword strategy must be outstanding and consistent. This implies researching the correct medical terms from reliable and professional sources. While this sounds complicated, our experts know how to place your medical practice at the number one on ranking on Google’s SERP.

Red Shark Digital Can Take SEO for Healthcare to the Next Level

Mastering SEO for healthcare doesn’t have to be tedious when you trust an agency like Red Shark Digital. As the leading experts in SEO for healthcare in Eastern NC, we have full confidence in placing your medical practice rank at the top of google searches. Whether you are looking for a website redesign with local SEO Raleigh or you need marketing consulting, Red Shark Digital is the team to call. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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